What do we do?

The work involved in identifying ideas takes many forms, such as:  
  • Contacts with the County Council and the municipalities´ hospital and patient care provision
  • Meetings with companies
  • Seminars taking up future visions
  • Meetings with patients, consumers and relatives

Pilot studies

During  the course of pilot studies, questions are examined relating to alternative solutions, the benefit for users and business opportunities. Pilot studies are carried out by various parties working collaboratively, often with a significant input from the University´s researchers.

Development projects

Many questions lead to more extensive development projects where the mode of working is often research closely-related to products. Solutions can be presented in the form of technology  demonstrations or research reports, as a step along the path to improved services or products.

New services and products

All services and products are developed in conjunction with the originators of the idea or product owners, which in many cases are companies. It is always the company which is responsible for the commercialisation of the results of pilot studies and developmental projects.

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