Development projects

Following a pilot study, the next stage of the process is to set up a developmental project. The biggest difference between a pilot study and a developmental project is the scope of the work. The direction of the project will be planned on the basis of the nature of the task and the results of the pilot study but can be characterized as research in close  proximity to  the  product. Unlike the pilot study which concerns identifying and structuring existing knowledge, a development project will instead focus on  new solutions. For this reason one always writes a so-called IPR agreement (Intellectual Property Rights) which regulates ownership rights of the project results. The results can be presented in the form of a technology  demonstration and / or a research report.

The scope of the project is the equivalent of two or three months´ full-time work and is carried out over the course of roughly six months, by a researcher or group of researchers. The Health Technology Centre covers the costs of the work of the University´s researchers. Usually it is the case that the initiative taker also has work tasks in the project.

The work can in the same way as other research projects be carried out in confidence; confidentiality cannot apply for periods longer than those stipulated under Swedish law.

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