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Lönsam svensk livsmedelsproduktion

Sustainable business models in Swedish agriculture

This research project is financed by Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning during 2016-2018.

What types of sustainable business model innovations can be identified in the agricultural sector in Sweden? In what ways can sustainable business models be developed to create competitiveness in the industry?

The aim of this project is to describe and develop a deepened understanding of sustainable business models within Swedish agriculture and by this, in a first step, contribute to concept development regarding the way in which sustainable business models can be developed and thus create greater competitiveness in the industry.

The project is conducted in co-operation with agricultural entrepreneurs who actively are working with the development of their business models in different types of production, i.e. i) dairy production, ii) egg production, and iii) meat production as well as the two organizations Hushållningssällskapet Halland and Halmstad University.

There will be both academic and practical contributions from the project. Expected results from an academic perspective will be the identified and developed typologies and categories of sustainable business models for the Swedish agricultural sector. Expected results for practice will also be suggestions of problem solutions for identified needs in the industry, in the area of business model innovation.

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