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  • Ingemar Hedström
  • Göran Sahlén

An extended description of the larva of Megaloprepus caerulatus from Costa Rica (Odonata: Pseudostigmatidae)länk till annan webbplats
The larva of Megaloprepus caerulatus is described and illustrated from specimens collected near the northern border of Barbilla National Park on the Costa Rican Caribbean slope. Habits and characters of larvae of three different size classes obtained from artificial tree holes permit the identification of small (body length 4 mm, excluding the caudal lamellae) larvae up to the final stadium. New diagnostic characters include the shape of the prementum and head. © 2003 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

  • Lars Kristén
  • Göran Patriksson
  • Bengt Fridlund

Conceptions of Children and Adolescents with Physical Disabilities about Their Participation in a Sports Programmelänk till annan webbplats
Sport and leisure can be of significant importance for the well-being and social support of children and adolescents with physical disabilities. However, it has been established that organized sport sometimes has a social construction, in that those without disabilities are favoured at the expense of others. The aim of this study was, therefore, to describe conceptions of children and adolescents with physical disabilities about their participation in a sports programme. Using questions based on a holistic view of the human being, 20 children and adolescents were interviewed. The method of analysis used was inspired by phenomenography. Six categories emerged: Getting new friends, learning, strengthening one’s physique, becoming someone, experiencing nature and having a good time. The findings show the great diversity of sports participation. Further, the conceptions mirror the difficulty of dividing people into groups and of delimiting important areas. The findings highlight the importance of programmes where actors from different sections of society cooperate. Even if the findings cannot be generalized, they nevertheless demonstrate that physical activity involves many positive factors both at the individual and at the society level. © 2002, North West Counties Physical Education Association and SAGE Publications. All rights reserved.

  • Magnus Hellring
  • Ulf Holmberg

A Comparison of Ion Current Based Algorithms for Peak Pressure Position Controllänk till annan webbplats
Combustion timing control of SI engines can be improved by feedback of the peak pressure position (PPP). However, pressure sensors are costly, and therefore, nonintrusive and cheap ion-current ’soft sensors’ have been suggested. Three different algorithms have been proposed that extract information about PPP from the ion current signal. In this paper, these approaches are compared with respect to accuracy, operational range, implementation aspects, as well as sensitivity to engine load and inlet air humidity. Copyright © 2001 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.

  • Rita Isaksson
  • Gun Paulsson
  • Bengt Fridlund
  • Tommy Nederfors

Evaluation of an oral health education program for nursing personnel in special housing facilities for the elderly. Part II : Clinical aspectslänk till annan webbplats
In Sweden, efforts are being made to create strategies for evaluating realistic dental treatment needs among the elderly, who are retaining more natural teeth. These strategies focus on the importance of maintaining adequate oral hygiene. Elderly in long-term-care facilities often depend on nursing personnel for carrying out daily oral hygiene procedures. Therefore, the nursing personnel’s knowledge about and attitudes toward oral health make oral health education for health care professionals an important concern. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical oral health outcome in residents after their caregivers had undergone a one-session, four-hour oral health education program. The study consisted of an intervention with a pre- and a post-test and was carried out in three municipalities in the southwestern part of Sweden. A newly developed oral health screening protocol was carried out for 170 subjects living in long-term-care facilities both before and 3-4 months after nursing personnel had attended an oral health education program. Following the Intervention, a statistically significant improvement was recorded for changes In oral mucosal color, a modified plaque index which measured oral hygiene status, and a mucosal index which recorded mucosal inflammation. This study indicated that a limited, one-session, four-hour oral health education, offered to caregivers within long-term-care facilities, had a positive impact on the oral health status of residents.

  • Magnus Hellring
  • Ulf Holmberg

An ion current based peak-finding algorithm for pressure peak position estimationlänk till annan webbplats
In this paper a novel ion current based estimation scheme for the in-cylinder pressure peak position (PPP) is proposed. A reliable estimate is constructed by appropriate signal processing based on local curvatures of the post flame phase of the ion current. The peak-finding algorithm is simple and easy to implement in an engine control unit for feedback control of the combustion phasing. Results on real data, sampled onboard a commercial car are presented. Further, the performance of the algorithm is compared to two state of the art algorithms for PPP estimation from the ion current. The comparison shows that the algorithm presented in this paper outperforms its competitors. Copyright © 2000 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.

  • Lillemor Hallberg

Editoriallänk till annan webbplats

  • Jo Smedley

Working with blended learninglänk till annan webbplats

  • Göran Sahlén
  • Ingemar Hedström

The larva of Mecistogaster linearis, with notes on its abundance in lowland rainforest of Costa Rica (Odonata: Pseudostigmatidae)länk till annan webbplats
The larva of Mecistogaster linearis is described and illustrated from specimens collected within or near the Río Dantas Wildlife Refuge at the north-western border of the Barbilla National Park on the Costa Rican Caribbean slope. Characters of F-0 larvae permit easy separation from Megaloprepus caerulatus, a species coexisting with M. linearis. Diagnostic characters include overall colour, shape of head, prementum and caudal gills. Exuviae may be determined using shape of mandibles. Two types of branched setae are present on tibiae and tarsi. Most are 3-branched but on front tarsi they are instead feather-shaped. It is suggested that these setae are used for eye-cleaning. M. linearis was a relatively rare but regularly occurring species in the study area throughout the 3-year study period. © 2005 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

  • Urban Johnson

Psychological antecedents to injury and illnesslänk till annan webbplats

  • Göran Sahlén
  • Rafal Bernard
  • Adolfo Cordero Rivera
  • Robert Ketelaar
  • Frank Suhling

Critical species of Odonata in Europelänk till annan webbplats
The status of the odonate fauna of Europe is fairly well known, but the current IUCN Red List presents only six species out of ca 130, two of which are actually out of danger today. In this paper we propose a tentative list of 22 possibly declining or threatened species in the region. For the majority, reliable data of population size and possible decline is still lacking. Also 17 endemic species are listed, most occurring in the two centres of endemism in the area: the south-eastern (mountains and islands) and the western Mediterranean. These species should receive extra attention in future updates of the world Red List due to their limited distribution. The extreme variation in biomes and the human exploitation of habitats make conservation planning complicated in Europe. Within the EU, the FFH directive is a working tool aiding conservation. However, the species included do not fully correspond to those on the current Red List, nor to those discussed in this paper. We believe that future conservation efforts should focus on the most valuable and threatened habitats in each sub-region. Active conservation measures could be implemented on a European scale, provided that research will establish a solid ground for such measures. © 2004 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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