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Zimmerman Nilsson, Marie-Helene, Nilsson, Pernilla Does content matter?-Developing preschool teachers´ pedagogical content knowledgein music education2018Article in journal
Malmberg, Claes Professional development in education for sustainable development – a Swedish example2018Conference paper
Hildebrand, Kristina Fragile masculinity and beleaguered womanhood: the construction of white gender in some Swedish asatru groups.2018Conference paper
Hildebrand, Kristina Bertram and Nennius : sources, editions, forgeries2018Conference paper
Hildebrand, Kristina 'As fayre an handid man': Malory's figurative language2018Article in journal
Bengtsson, Åsa Gustava Elisabet (Elsa) Bengtsson2018Chapter in book
Jormfeldt, Henrika, Doyle, Louise, Ellilä, Heikki, Lahti, Mari, Higgins, Agnes, Keogh, Brian, Meade, Oonagh, Stickley, Theodore, Sitvast, Jan, Skärsäter, Ingela, Kilkku, Nina Master’s level mental health nursing competencies, a prerequisite for equal health among service users in mental health care2018Article in journal
Alonso-Fernandez, Fernando, Bigun, Josef An Overview of Periocular Biometrics2017Chapter in book
Hernandez-Diaz, Kevin, Alonso-Fernandez, Fernando, Bigun, Josef Periocular Recognition Using CNN Features Off-the-Shelf2018Conference paper
Börnhorst, Claudia, Siani, Alfonso, Tornaritis, M., Molnár, D., Lissner, Lauren, Regber, Susann, Reisch, L., De Decker, A., Moreno, L., Ahrens, W., Pigeot, I. Potential selection effects when estimating associations between the infancy peak or adiposity rebound and later body mass index in children2018Conference paper
Bergström-Wuolo, Maya, Dahlström, Josefin, Hertting, Krister, Kostenius, Catrine My heart has no hurt : The health of young immigrants2018Article in journal
Malmberg, Claes, Urbas, Anders, Nilson, Tomas Nutrition education and citizenship- Individual responsibility and democratic politics2018Conference paper
Mashad Nemati, Hassan, Laso, A., Manana, M., Pinheiro Sant'Anna, Anita, Nowaczyk, Sławomir Stream Data Cleaning for Dynamic Line Rating Application2018Article in journal
Nelson, Christian, Lyamin, Nikita, Vinel, Alexey, Gustafson, Carl, Tufvesson, Fredrik Geometry Based Channel Models with Cross- and Autocorrelation for Vehicular Network Simulations2018Conference paper
Cooney, Martin, Yang, Can, Padi Siva, Abhilash, Arunesh, Sanjana, David, Jennifer Teaching Robotics with Robot Operating System (ROS) : A Behavior Model Perspective2018Conference paper
Cooney, Martin, Pashami, Sepideh, Pinheiro Sant'Anna, Anita, Fan, Yuantao, Nowaczyk, Sławomir Pitfalls of Affective Computing : How can the automatic visual communication of emotions lead to harm, and what can be done to mitigate such risks?2018Conference paper
Kruusmaa, Maarja, Svensson, Bertil A low-risk approach to mobile robot path planning1998Article in journal
Åkerlund, Ejvor, Odams, Eva, Larsson, Irene, Fridlund, Bengt Nipple necrosis after reduction mammaplasty : A case report1995Article in journal
Mårtensson, Lena I., Pettersson, Lisbeth, Fridlund, Bengt Patients with fibromyalgia and their conception of health after an intervention programme1995Article in journal
Backe, Marita, Larsson, Kerstin, Fridlund, Bengt Patients’ conceptions of their life situation within the first week after a stroke event : A qualitative analysis1996Article in journal
Wahlin, Ulla, Wieslander, Inger, Fridlund, Bengt Loving care in the ambulance service1995Article in journal
Nilsson, Kenneth, Svensson, Bertil, Wiberg, Per-Arne A modular, massively parallel computer architecture for trainable real-time control systems1993Article in journal
Aronsson, Henrik, Sundqvist, Christer, Timko, Michael P., Dahlin, Clas Characterisation of the assembly pathway of the pea NADPH:protochlorophyllide (Pchlide) oxidoreductase (POR), with emphasis on the role of its substrate, Pchlide2001Article in journal
Hedström, Ingemar, Sahlén, Göran An extended description of the larva of Megaloprepus caerulatus from Costa Rica (Odonata: Pseudostigmatidae)2003Article in journal
Kristén, Lars, Patriksson, Göran, Fridlund, Bengt Conceptions of Children and Adolescents with Physical Disabilities about Their Participation in a Sports Programme2002Article in journal
Hellring, Magnus, Holmberg, Ulf A Comparison of Ion Current Based Algorithms for Peak Pressure Position Control2001Article in journal
Isaksson, Rita, Paulsson, Gun, Fridlund, Bengt, Nederfors, Tommy Evaluation of an oral health education program for nursing personnel in special housing facilities for the elderly. Part II : Clinical aspects2000Article in journal
Hellring, Magnus, Holmberg, Ulf An ion current based peak-finding algorithm for pressure peak position estimation2000Article in journal
Hallberg, Lillemor Editorial2006Article in journal
Smedley, Jo Working with blended learning2005Chapter in book
Sahlén, Göran, Hedström, Ingemar The larva of Mecistogaster linearis, with notes on its abundance in lowland rainforest of Costa Rica (Odonata: Pseudostigmatidae)2005Article in journal
Johnson, Urban Psychological antecedents to injury and illness2004Chapter in book
Sahlén, Göran, Bernard, Rafal, Rivera, Adolfo Cordero, Ketelaar, Robert, Suhling, Frank Critical species of Odonata in Europe2004Article in journal
Koinberg, Inga-Lill, Fridlund, Bengt, Engholm, G.-B, Holmberg, L. Nurse-led follow-up on demand or by a physician after breast cancer surgery : A randomised study2004Article in journal
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Crowston, Kevin, Ihlström Eriksson, Carina, Päivärinta, Tero Introduction to genres in communication and digital documents minitrack2008Article in journal
Politis, Diamanto The process of entrepreneurial learning : A conceptual framework2008Chapter in book
Pettersson, Håkan, Liu, Ruisheng S., Suyatin, Dmitry, Samuelson, Lars Assembling ferromagnetic single-electron transistors with atomic force microscopy2008Chapter in book
Bengtsson, Åsa Anna Katarina Preinitz2018Chapter in book
Hallberg, Lillemor Some reflections on qualitative research2008Article in journal
Roussinov, Dmitri, Crowston, Kevin, Ihlström Eriksson, Carina Genres of digital documents2007Article in journal
Hallberg, Lillemor Editorial2007Article in journal
Örtenblad, Anders Senge’s many faces : problem or opportunity?2007Article in journal
Bordag, Ljudmila A., Chmakova, A. Y. Explicit solutions for a nonlinear model of financial derivatives2007Article in journal
Örtenblad, Anders Achieving organizational independence of employees’ knowledge using knowledge management, organizational learning, and the learning organization2009Chapter in book
Wehrmeister, Marco A., Pignaton de Freitas, Edison, Pereira, Carlos E. Using GenERTiCA to generation code from RT-UML : A case study2009Article in journal
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Örtenblad, Anders Guest editorial for special section : Are organizations able to learn?2009Article in journal
Lindwall, Magnus, Palmeira, Antonio Factorial validity and invariance testing of the exercise dependence scale-revised in Swedish and Portuguese exercisers2009Article in journal
Grossi, Giuseppe, Newberry, Susan, Bergmann, Andreas, Bietenhader, Daniel, Tagesson, Torbjörn, Christiaens, Johan, Van Cauwenberge, Philippe, Rommel, Jan Theme : Whole of government accounting – international trends2009Article in journal
Collin, Sven-Olof Yrjö, Tagesson, Torbjörn Governance strategies in local government : a study of the governance of municipal corporations in a Swedish municipality2010Article in journal
Broberg, Pernilla, Tagesson, Torbjörn, Collin, Sven-Olof What explains variation in voluntary disclosure? : A study of the annual reports of corporations listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange2010Article in journal
Argento, Daniela, Grossi, Giuseppe, Tagesson, Torbjörn, Collin, Sven-Olof The ‘externalisation’ of local public service delivery : experience in Italy and Sweden2010Article in journal
Xiang, Yang, Taha, Walid, Wang, Hua EUC 2011 : Message from the program committee chairs2011Article in journal
Svenningsson, Irene, Hallberg, Lillemor R-M., Gedda, Birgitta Health care professionals meeting with individuals with Type 2 diabetes and obesity : Balancing coaching and caution2011Article in journal
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Helvik, Anne-Sofie, Iversen, Valentina Cabral, Steiring, Randi, Hallberg, Lillemor R-M Calibrating and adjusting expectations in life : A grounded theory on how elderly persons with somatic health problems maintain control and balance in life and optimize well-being2011Article in journal
Hallberg, Lillemor R.-M., Bergman, Stefan Minimizing the dysfunctional interplay between activity and recovery : A grounded theory on living with fibromyalgia2011Article in journal
Säfström, Anna Ida, Nagy, Caroline Embodied fractions : Conceptual difficulties in the light of grounding metaphors2018Conference paper
Svane, Torben, Karlsson, Lars Suggesting a Common Framework for the Classification of Military Training and Computer Game Simulators2003Article in journal
Tontini, Gerson, Solberg Søilen, Klaus, Zanchett, Ricardo Nonlinear antecedents of customer satisfaction and loyalty in third-party logistics services2017Article in journal
Malm, Karina, Bergman, Stefan, Andersson, Maria, Bremander, Ann, BARFOT Study Group, Worse physical function at disease onset predicts a worse outcome in physical function, but not in meeting who physical activity recommendations, nine years later2013Conference paper
Amin, Mohammed Nurul, Alam, Md. Obaidul, Landin, Lars Electrical and optical characteristics of Infrared Photodetectors based on InP nanowire2011Article in journal
Iddris, Faisal Examining Innovation Capability In A Supply Chain Context2018Article in journal
Iddris, Faisal Digital Supply Chain : Survey of the Literature2018Article in journal
Nolte, Thomas, Zurawski, Richard, Bate, Iain, Passerone, Roberto, Di Natale, Marco, Uhlemann, Elisabeth Message from the Conference Chairs2011Article in journal
Nagy, Caroline Teaching about fractions in mathematics : Professional learning about progression with an action research approach2018Conference paper
Forsberg, Lena, Tebelius, Ulla The riding school as a site for gender identity construction among Swedish teenage girls2011Article in journal
David, Jennifer, Philippsen, Roland Task assignment and trajectory planning in dynamic environments for multiple vehicles2015Article in journal
Malmborg, Julia S, Bremander, Ann, Olsson, M Charlotte, Bergman, Anna-Carin, Brorsson, Sofia, Bergman, Stefan Sleeping problems and anxiety is associated to chronic multisite musculoskeletal pain in Swedish high school students2018Article in journal
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Ekengren, Johan, Stambulova, Natalia, Johnson, Urban, Carlsson, Ing-Marie Exploring career experiences of Swedish professional handball players : Consolidating firsthand information into an empirical career model2018Article in journal
Pink, Sarah, Leder Mackley, Kerstin Flow and intervention in everyday life : Situating practices2015Chapter in book
Dimenäs, Jörgen, Alexandersson, Mikael Crossing disciplinary borders : Perspectives on learning about sustainable development2012Article in journal
Muehlfellner, Peter, Furgale, Paul, Derendarz, Wojciech, Philippsen, Roland Evaluation of fisheye-camera based visual multi-session localization in a real-world scenario2013Conference paper
Larsson, Ingrid, Nyman, Carin, Svedberg, Petra, Nygren, Jens M., Carlsson, Ing-Marie Children and young people’s participation in developing interventions in health and well-being : a scoping review2018Article, review/survey
Rebeggiani, Sabina, Wagner, Michael, Mazal, Jonas, Rosén, Bengt Göran, Dahlén, Malin Detection of paint polishing defects2018Article in journal
Lindholm Dahlstrand, Åsa, Politis, Diamanto Women business ventures in Swedish university incubators2013Article in journal
Singh, Jang B., Wood, Greg, Callaghan, Michael, Svensson, Göran, Andersson, Svante Operationalizing business ethics in organizations : The views of executives in Australia, Canada and Sweden2018Article in journal
Nilson, Tomas., Thorell, Kristina. Cultural Heritage Preservation : The Past, the Present and the Future2018Collection (editor)
Möller, Bernd, Wiechers, Eva, Persson, Urban, Grundahl, Lars, Connolly, David Heat Roadmap Europe : Identifying local heat demand and supply areas with a European thermal atlas2018Article in journal
Amos, Gideon Jojo, (Investigating) MNCs' CSR-related behaviour and impacts in institutionally and culturally distant markets : African developing-countries in focus2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary
Karlsson, Niklas, Hoveskog, Maya, Halila, Fawzi, Mattsson, Marie Business modelling in farm-based biogas production : towards network-level business models and stakeholder business cases for sustainability2018Article in journal
Aili, Katarina, Andersson, Maria, Bremander, Ann, Haglund, Emma, Larsson, Ingrid, Bergman, Stefan Sleep problems and fatigue as a predictor for the onset of chronic widespread painover a 5- and 18-year perspective : a 20-year prospective study2018Article in journal
Malm, Karina, Bergman, Stefan, Bremander, Ann, Larsson, Ingrid, Andersson, Maria L. Discussions of lifestyle habits as an integral part of care management in patients with established rheumatoid arthritis2018Article in journal
Aili, Katarina, Bergman, Stefan, Bremander, Ann, Haglund, Emma, Larsson, Ingrid Women’s experiences of coping with chronic widespread pain : – a qualitative study2018Article in journal
Landgren, Ellen, Bremander, Ann, Lindqvist, Elisabet, Van der Elst, Kristien, Larsson, Ingrid Patients’ experiences of health in early rheumatoid arthritis – a qualitative study2018Article in journal
Jormfeldt, Henrika, Carlsson, Ing-Marie Equine-assisted activities to support health and recovery among individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia in the context of mental health nursing : A systematic review2018Article in journal
Hansson, Malin, Lundgren, Ingela, Hensing, Gunnel, Carlsson, Ing-Marie Veiled midwifery in the baby factory : A grounded theory study2018Article in journal
Weman Josefsson, Karin, Back, Jenny Motivational perspectives of a community based electric bike project in Sweden2018Conference paper
McKelvey, Maureen, Saemundsson, Rögnvaldur An evolutionary model of science policy : Routines and the growth of knowledge in policy-making organisations2017Article in journal
Perez Vico, Eugenia, Serger, Sylvia Schwaag, Wise, Emily, Benner, Mats Knowledge triangle configurations at three Swedish Universities2017Article in journal
Menezes, Maria Luiza Recena, Samara, A., Galway, L., Pinheiro Sant'Anna, Anita, Verikas, Antanas, Alonso-Fernandez, Fernando, Wang, H., Bond, R. Towards emotion recognition for virtual environments : an evaluation of eeg features on benchmark dataset2017Article in journal
Caizzone, Stefano, Elmarissi, W., Marinho, Marco, Antreich, F. Direction of arrival estimation performance for compact antenna arrays with adjustable size2017Conference paper
Dillon, Tharam, Parashar, Manish, Taha, Walid, Chen, Guolong, Zomaya, Albert, Pan, Yi Message from U-Science 2014 general chairs2014Conference paper
Forsberg, Elenita, Bäcklund, Berit, Hjort-Telhede, Eva, Karlsson, Staffan Virtual patient cases for active student participation in nursing education2018Article in journal
Forsberg, Elenita, Rasmusson, Karin Using academic reflection for examination in simulated environment2018Article in journal
Svedberg, Petra, Nygren, Jens M. Patientdelaktighet och medverkan hos barn och unga2018Chapter in book
Schön, Ulla-karin, Grim, Katarina, Wallin, Lars, Rosenberg, David, Svedberg, Petra Psychiatric service staff perceptions of implementing a shared decision-making tool : a process evaluation study2018Article in journal
Amos, Gideon Jojo Corporate social responsibility in the mining industry : an exploration of host-communities' perceptions and expectations in a developing-country2018Article in journal
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