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Lyamin, Nikita, Kleyko, Denis, Delooz, Quentin, Vinel, Alexey Real-time jamming DoS detection in safety-critical V2V C-ITS using data mining2019Article in journal
Lyamin, Nikita, Vinel, Alexey, Bellalta, Boris Configuring the Decentralized Congestion Control for ETSI ITS-G5 C-ITS Applications2019Article in journal
John, Shobin, El-Ghoul, Zoel, Dimkovski, Zlate, Lööf, Pär-Johan, Lundmark, Jonas, Mohlin, Johan Friction between pin and roller of a truck's valvetrainArticle in journal
Champati, Jaya Prakash, Al-Zubaidy, Hussein, Gross, James Statistical guarantee optimization for age of information for the D/G/1 queue2018Conference paper
Philip, Rony, Löfgren, Hans Experimental Verification of an Instrument to Test Flooring Materials2018Conference paper
Deraz, Hossam Factors Contributing to Consumers’ Assessment of Advertisement Value on Social networking sites : A Cross-Cultural Focus Group Study2019Article in journal
Aramrattana, Maytheewat, Patel, Raj Haresh, Englund, Cristofer, Härri, Jérôme, Jansson, Jonas, Bonnet, Christian Evaluating Model Mismatch Impacting CACC Controllers in Mixed2018Conference paper
Varshosaz, Mahsa, Al-Hajjaji, Mustafa, Thüm, Thomas, Runge, Tobias, Mousavi, Mohammad Reza, Schaefer, Ina A classification of product sampling for software product lines2018Conference paper
Osz, Katalin, Raats, Kaspar, Lindgren, Thomas, Rothmüller, Markus, Rasmussen, Pernille Holm, Vendelbo-Larsen, Alexandra A design anthropology approach to experiential futures and autonomous driving2018Conference paper
Svane, Torben Ernst, Zhu, Minling Exploring service blueprints in a university setting : Investigating students' perceptions of visual artefacts and processes in two institutions2018Conference paper
Persson, Urban, Averfalk, Helge Accessible urban waste heat : Deliverable 1.42018Report
Paardekooper, Susana, Søgaard Lund, Rasmus, Vad Mathiesen, Brian, Chang, Miguel, Petersen, Uni Reinert, Grundahl, Lars, David, Andrei, Dahlbæk, Jonas, Kapetanakis, John, Lund, Henrik, Bertelsen, Nis, Hansen, Kenneth, Drysdale, David, Persson, Urban Heat Roadmap Europe 4 : Quantifying the Impact of Low-Carbon Heating and Cooling Roadmaps: Deliverable 6.42018Report
Möller, Bernd, Persson, Urban Updated Peta atlas for each MS with the final level of district heating recommended in WP6 : Deliverable 6.52018Report
Skärsäter, Ingela, Keogh, B., Doyle, L., Ellilä, H., Jormfeldt, Henrika, Lahti, M., Higgins, A., Meade, O., Sitvast, J., Stickley, T., Kilkku, N. Advancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of mental health nurses working with families and caregivers : A critical review of the literature2018Article, review/survey
Moesch, Karin, Kenttä, G., Kleinert, J., Quignon-Fleuret, C., Cecil, S., Bertollo, M. FEPSAC position statement : Mental health disorders in elite athletes and models of service provision2018Article, review/survey
Duracz, Adam, Moggi, Eugenio, Taha, Walid, Lin, Zhenchao A Semantic Account of Rigorous Simulation2018Chapter in book
Oliveira, Bruno, Carvalho, Gustavo, Mousavi, Mohammad Reza, Sampaio, Augusto Simulation of hybrid systems from natural-language requirements2018Conference paper
Nowaczyk, Sławomir, Pinheiro Sant'Anna, Anita, Calikus, Ece, Fan, Yuantao Monitoring equipment operation through model and event discovery2018Conference paper
Eriksson, Lars, Rosén, Bengt Göran, Bergman, Martin Affective surface engineering- using soft and hard metrology to measure the Sensation and perception in surface properties2018Conference paper
Lashgari, M., Sutton-Brady, C., Solberg Søilen, Klaus, Ulfvengren, P. Adoption strategies of social media in B2B firms : a multiple case study approach2018Article in journal
Bonnot, N. C., Bergvall, U. A., Jarnemo, Anders, Kjellander, P. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? : Variation in the stress response among personalities and populations in a large wild herbivore2018Article in journal
Farouq, Shiraz, Byttner, Stefan, Gadd, Henrik Towards understanding district heating substation behavior using robust first difference regression2018Conference paper
Moggi, E., Farjudian, A., Duracz, Adam, Taha, Walid Safe & robust reachability analysis of hybrid systems2018Article in journal
Fernández, M. L., Pérez, R. C., Jiménez, A. M. L., Hertting, Krister "Entrenando a familias". Evaluación de un programa de optimización de actitudes parentales en un club de fútbol2018Article in journal
Kilic, Ö., Johnson, Urban, Kerkhoffs, G. M. M. J., Rosier, P., Gouttebarge, V. Exposure to physical and psychosocial stressors in relation to symptoms of common mental disorders among European professional football referees : A prospective cohort study2018Article in journal
Fogaca, J. L., Zizzi, S. J., Andersen, Mark Walking multiple paths of supervision in American sport psychology : A qualitative tale of novice supervisees’ development2018Article in journal
Göransson, Carina, Eriksson, I., Ziegert, Kristina, Wengström, Y., Langius-Eklöf, Ann, Brovall, M., Kihlgren, A., Blomberg, K. Testing an app for reporting health concerns-Experiences from older people and home care nurses2018Article in journal
Campanini, D., Diao, Zhu, Rydh, Andreas Raising the superconducting Tc of gallium : In situ characterization of the transformation of α -Ga into β -Ga2018Article in journal
Vedantha Krishna, Amogh, Flys, Olena, Reddy, Vijeth Venkataram, Rosén, Bengt Göran Surface topography characterization using 3D stereoscopic reconstruction of SEM images2018Article in journal
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Brasil, M. A. B., Bösch, Bernhard, Wagner, F. R., De Freitas, E. P. Performance Comparison of Multi-Agent Middleware Platforms for Wireless Sensor Networks2018Article in journal
Aramrattana, Maytheewat, Detournay, J., Englund, Cristofer, Frimodig, Viktor, Jansson, Oscar Uddman, Larsson, Tony, Mostowski, Wojciech, Díez Rodríguez, Víctor, Rosenstatter, Thomas, Shahanoor, Golam Team Halmstad Approach to Cooperative Driving in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 20162018Article in journal
Emamizadeh, B., Farjudian, Amin, Liu, Y. Optimal harvesting strategy based on rearrangements of functions2018Article in journal
Parsapoor, Mahboobeh, Bilstrup, Urban, Svensson, Bertil Forecasting Solar Activity with Computational Intelligence Models2018Article in journal
Smylie, M. P., Willa, K., Bao, J. -K, Ryan, K., Islam, Z., Claus, H., Simsek, Y., Diao, Zhu, Rydh, A., Koshelev, A. E., Kwok, W. -K, Chung, D. Y., Kanatzidis, M. G., Welp, U. Anisotropic superconductivity and magnetism in single-crystal RbEuFe4As42018Article in journal
Chen, Lei, Englund, Cristofer Every Second Counts : Integrating Edge Computing and Service Oriented Architecture for Automatic Emergency Management2018Article in journal
Larsson, Ingrid, Andersson, M. L. E., Ajeganova, S., Bala, V., Svensson, Björn, Bergman, Stefan, Bremander, Ann, Häggström, Åsa, Keller, Catharina, Leden, Ido, Teleman, Annika, Theander, Jan, Ö–stenson, Anneli Reasons to stop drinking alcohol among patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Sweden : A mixed-methods study2018Article in journal
Hussain, Laiq, Pettersson, Håkan, Wang, Q., Karim, A., Anderson, J., Jafari, Mehrdad, Song, J., Choi, W. J., Han, I. K., Lim, J. Y. SWIR-LWIR Photoluminescence from Sb-based Epilayers Grown on GaAs Substrates by using MBE2018Article in journal
Lygnerud, Kristina Challenges for business change in district heating2018Article in journal
Kristensson, Jimmie, Andersson, Magdalena, Condelius, Anna The establishment of a shared care plan as it is experienced by elderly people and their next of kin : A qualitative study2018Article in journal
Fletcher, Anna, Wennergren, Ann-Christine Pitfalls and possiblities : Collegial conversations about students learning as a reflection of teaching impact2018Conference paper
Wennergren, Ann-Christine, Thornberg, Fredrik Digital tools to influence preservice teachers’ participation in mentoring2018Conference paper
Asklund, Jonas Ljudet som pusselbit : Multimodal auralitet i Martin Widmarks och Helena Willis Schlagersabotören (2012)2018Article in journal
Lien, Shao-Yu, Kuo, Yen-Chih, Deng, Der-Jiunn, Tsai, Hua-Lung, Vinel, Alexey, Benslimane, Abderrahim Latency-Optimal mmWave Radio Access for V2X Supporting Next Generation Driving Use Cases2019Article in journal
Alonso-Fernandez, Fernando, Farrugia, Reuben A., Bigun, Josef, Fierrez, Julian, Gonzalez-Sosa, Ester A Survey of Super-Resolution in Iris Biometrics with Evaluation of Dictionary-Learning2019Article in journal
Lindberg, Susanne Wickedness in Design for People Diagnosed with Schizophrenia2018Article in journal
Urbas, Anders, Malmberg, Claes Värden, demokrati och lösningar på samhällsproblem - exemplet kost och hälsa2018Chapter in book
Karimi, Mohammad, Heurlin, Magnus, Limpert, Steven, Borgstrom, Magnus, Samuelson, Lars, Pettersson, Håkan Long-wavelength intersubband quantum disc-in-nanowire photodetectors with normal incidence photoresponse2018Conference paper
Sardar, Samra, Kerr, Alish, Vaartjes, Daniëlle, Moltved, Emilie Riis, Karosiene, Edita, Gupta, Ramneek, Andersson, Åsa The oncoprotein TBX3 is controlling severity in experimental arthritis2019Article in journal
Saemundsson, Rögnvaldur, Candi, Marina Absorptive Capacity and the Identification of Opportunities in New Technology-Based Firms2017Article in journal
McKelvey, Maureen, Saemundsson, Rögnvaldur, Zaring, Olof A Recent Crisis in Regenerative Medicine : Analyzing Governance in Order to Identify Public Policy Issues2018Article in journal
McKelvey, Maureen, Saemundsson, Rögnvaldur An evolutionary model of innovation policy: conceptualizing the growth of knowledge in innovation policy as an evolution of policy2018Article in journal
Sjödén, Björn What Are Good Examples Of Educational Software?2018Conference paper
Sjödén, Björn, Dimitrova, Vania, Mitrovic, Antonija Using Thematic Analysis to Understand Students’ Learning of Soft Skills from Videos2018Conference paper
Tärning, Betty, Sjödén, Björn, Gulz, Agneta, Haake, Magnus Young Children’s Experience and Preference of Feedback : Sense and Sensibility2018Article in journal
Lilja, Patrik, Hillman, Thomas Lost in Abstraction? : Uses of Epistemological Metaphors in the Teaching of Computational Thinking2018Conference paper
Muhammad, Naveed, Åstrand, Björn Intention Estimation Using Set of Reference Trajectories as Behaviour Model2018Article in journal
Solberg Søilen, Klaus, Tontini, Gerson, Aagerup, Ulf The perception of useful information derived from Twitter : A survey of professionals2017Article in journal
Aagerup, Ulf Accessible luxury fashion brand building via fat discrimination2018Article in journal
Aagerup, Ulf Obese models’ effect on fashion brand attractiveness2018Article in journal
Gustafsson, Linnea Strukturella skillnader mellan svenska kvinno- och mansnamn 1915-2016Article in journal
Holmén, Magnus, Ljungberg, Daniel, Preciado, Deycy Janeth Sanchez Evolution of systems of technology transfer in rural developing economies2018Conference paper
Björkdahl, Joakim, Holmén, Magnus Exploiting the control revolution by means of digitalization : Value creation, value capture, and downstream movements2018Article in journal
Nilsson, Pernilla Digitalt läromedel Liber – Att planera undervisning i naturvetenskap2018Other
Nilsson, Pernilla, Rundberg, Mattias Ämnesdidaktik i det digitaliserade klassrummet2018Other
Nilsson, Pernilla Developing primary teachers’ TPACK through Digital Didactic Design (D3)2018Conference paper
Nilsson, Pernilla Capturing and representing the complexity of PCK-in-action2019Chapter in book
Nilsson, Pernilla Att planera sina naturvetenskapliga aktiviteter – CoRe som ett pedagogiskt redskap2018Chapter in book
Persson, Hans, Nilsson, Pernilla Kreativ och likvärdig NO-undervisning2018Book
Cregård, Anna, Solli, Rolf Top managerial role in transition – or not? Trajectories during 20 years in Swedish local government2018Conference paper
Cregård, Anna, Forsberg, Tina, Berntson, Erik Models for cooperation between line-managers and techno structure experts : creating value and professionalization in local government2018Conference paper
Cregård, Anna Inter-occupational cooperation and boundary work in the hospital setting2018Article in journal
Tengblad, Stefan, Cregård, Anna, Berntson, Erik Organisatorisk komplexitet är också en möjlighet2018Chapter in book
Cregård, Anna, Eriksson, Nomie Chefskap i professionella organisationer : Läkare som chefer2018Chapter in book
Cregård, Anna, Tengblad, Stefan, Berntson, Erik, Andersson, Pia, Lindgren, Hans En introduktion till ledarskap och organisatorisk komplexitet2018Chapter in book
Cregård, Anna., Berntson, Erik., Tengblad, Stefan. Att leda i en komplex organisation : Utmaningar och nya perspektiv för chefer i offentlig verksamhet2018Collection (editor)
Da Silva, Carlos M., Gabrielsson, Jonas Entrepreneurial Acceleration : Exploring Accelerator Programs2018Conference paper
Gabrielsson, Jonas, Hägg, Gustav, Landström, Hans, Politis, Diamanto Entrepreneurship education as a scholarly field of research : A systematic review of scientific articles 1980-20172018Conference paper
Gabrielsson, Jonas, Landström, Hans, Politis, Diamanto, Hägg, Gustav Exemplary contributions from Europe to entrepreneurship education research and practice2018Chapter in book
Yar Hamidi, Daniel, Gabrielsson, Jonas Chairpersonship and board strategy involvement in small and medium-sized enterprises2018Article in journal
Hansson, Anna, Pedersen, Eja, Hoveskog, Maya Willingness to Innovate Business Models for Sustainability amongst Agricultural Businesses2018Conference paper
Melkersson, Rickard Psaltarpsalmerna i Den svenska tideboken 1525 : En katolsk "reformationsbibel"2018Conference paper
Ulvenblad, Pia, Barth, Henrik, Ulvenblad, Per-Ola Sustainability and co-operation aspects in business models of agri-food firms in Sweden2018Conference paper
Ulvenblad, Pia, Barth, Henrik, Hoveskog, Maya, Ulvenblad, Per-Ola Unpacking priorities of agri-food companies in Sweden : Insights from a survey of Sustainable Business Models2018Conference paper
Thorell, Kristina Communicating the Dark Dimensions of the Past : A Case Study of Museum Management in Västra Götaland2018Book
Barth, Henrik Immigrant Labour in Swedish Agriculture : A Sustainable Business Model Innovation2018Conference paper
Barth, Henrik Diversity as a competitive advantage? A case study of Immigrant Labour in Swedish Agriculture2018Article in journal
Ulvenblad, Pia, Cederholm Björklund, Jennie A leadership development programme for agricultural entrepreneurs in Sweden2018Article in journal
Barth, Henrik, Melin, Martin A Green Lean approach to global competition and climate change in the agricultural sector – A Swedish case study2018Article in journal
Ulvenblad, Per-Ola, Ulvenblad, Pia, Tell, Joakim An overview of sustainable business models for innovation in Swedish agri-food production2019Article in journal
Ulvenblad, Pia, Barth, Henrik, Cederholm Björklund, Jennie, Hoveskog, Maya, Ulvenblad, Per-Ola, Ståhl, Jenny Barriers to business model innovation in the agri-food industry : A systematic literature review2018Article in journal
Perez Vico, Eugenia, Olof, Hallonsten A resource- and impact-based micro-level conceptualization of collaborative academic work2017Article in journal
Johansson, Jonna Bridging the Digital Divide : Digital Skills, Digital Competences and Digital Literacy in the European Union Discourse2018Conference paper
Gunnarsson, Åsa, Svensson, Eva-Maria, Käll, Jannice, Svedberg, Wanna Genusrättsvetenskap2018Book
Florén, Henrik, Frishammar, Johan, Löf, Anton, Ericsson, Magnus Raw Materials Management in Iron and Steelmaking Firms2018Article in journal
Käll, Jannice Blockchain Control2018Article in journal
Johansson, Jonna Representations of European Citizenship since 19512018Article, book review
Olsson, Charlotte M., Fälth, Jenny, Ahlebrand, August, Bremander, Ann Sex-Differences In Bench Press Muscle Activation With Pre-Exhaustion Of Triceps Brachii2018Conference paper
Zimmerman Nilsson, Marie-Helene Why using a digital learning platform? : Teacher and school leader conversations about digital devices in teaching2018Conference paper
Zimmerman Nilsson, Marie-Helene, Nilsson, Pernilla Teaching in a digital learning platform : A case study of how second language English teachers express their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) during collegial reflections2018Conference paper
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