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Laurell, Hélène, Servais, Per The role of different decision-making logics during new venture internationalization and commercialization of medical technology innovations2017Conference paper
Laurell, Hélène, Holmén, Magnus Internationalization through business model innovation in the medical technology sector.2017Conference paper
Laurell, Hélène, Servais, Per The role of industry context and its impact on different decision-making logics during new venture internationalization and commercialization of medical technology innovations.2017Conference paper
Karlsson, Niklas P.E., Laurell, Hélène, Lindgren, John, Phersson, Tobias, Andersson, Svante, Svensson, Göran A cross-country comparison and validation of firms’ stakeholder considerations in sustainable business practices.2018Article in journal
Laurell, Hélène An international new venture’s commercialization of a medical technology innovation: the role of institutional healthcare settings2018Article in journal
Sjöberg, Jeanette, Lagergren, Anniqa, Holmberg, Kristina Seen but not heard?! Children's participation in research about digital technology in preschool2017Conference paper
Lagergren, Anniqa, Holmberg, Kristina Learning in new perspectives – entanglement of children, teachers and digital technology2017Conference paper
Dalitz, Robert, Holmén, Magnus, Scott-Kemmis, Don How do innovation systems interact? : Schumpeterian innovation in seven Australian sectors2012Article in journal
Mokhlesian, Shahin, Holmén, Magnus Business model changes and green construction processes2012Article in journal
Björkdahl, Joakim, Holmén, Magnus Business model innovation – the challenges ahead2013Article in journal
Holmén, Magnus, Restless capitalism and the economizing entrepreneur2013Article in journal
Holmén, Magnus, Linnér, Maria How acquisitions affect innovation and entrepreneurial behaviour : An innovation governance perspective2018Conference paper
Korkeamäki, Esa, Elo, Merja, Sahlén, Göran, Salmela, Jukka, Suhonen, Jukka Regional variations in occupancy frequency distributions patterns between odonate assemblages in Fennoscandia2018Article in journal
Billström, Anders The Role of Social Network Actors in the Formation of University Spin-Offs : Case Studies of External and Inventor Entrepreneurs in Sweden2017Chapter in book
Andersson, Åsa, Aksel Jacobsen, Freja, Scherer, Alexander N, Mouritsen, Jeppe, Bragadóttir, Hera, Bäckström, B Thomas, Sardar, Samra, Holmberg, Dan, Koleske, Anthony J A Role for the Non-Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Abl2/Arg in Experimental Neuroinflammation2018Article in journal
Taromirad, Masoumeh, Mousavi, Mohammad Reza Gray-Box Conformance Testing for Symbolic Reactive State Machines2017Conference paper
Blomkvist, Marita, Johansson, Jeaneth, Malmström, Malin Accounting knowledge in innovative firms - Direct contacts with external auditors for strategic actions2016Article in journal
Hierons, Robert M., Mousavi, Mohammad Reza, Thomsen, Michael Kirkedal, Turker, Uraz Cengiz Hardness of deriving invertible sequences from finite state machines2017Conference paper
Blomqvist, Marjut, Ivarsson, Andreas, Carlsson, Ing-Marie, Sandgren, Anna, Jormfeldt, Henrika Health Risks among People with Severe Mental Illness in Psychiatric Outpatient Settings2018Article in journal
Pink, Sarah, Fors, Vaike, Glöss, Mareike The contingent futures of the mobile present: automation as possibility2018Article in journal
Kunert, Kristina, Jonsson, Magnus, Uhlemann, Elisabeth Exploiting Time and Frequency Diversity in IEEE 802.15.4 Industrial Networks for Enhanced Reliability and Throughput2010Conference paper
Bordag, Michael, Nikolaev, Vladimir Analytic corrections to the electromagnetic casimir interaction between a sphere and a plate at shortdistances2010Article in journal
Nyman, Rimma, Säfström, Anna Ida, Taflin, Eva Rika lösningar på rika problem – att välja glasskulor2018Article in journal
Mallander, Ove, Mineur, Therése, Henderson, David, Tideman, Magnus Self-advocacy for people with intellectual disability in Sweden — organizational similarities and differences2018Article in journal
Lindberg, Susanne, Ethics of User Involvement in Sensitive Design Situations2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary
Bean, Corliss, Forneris, Tanya, Ivarsson, Andreas, Solstad, Bård Longitudinal associations between perceived program quality, basic needs support and basic needs satisfaction : A person-centered approach2018Article in journal
Nylandsted Jensen, Stine, Ivarsson, Andreas, Fallby, Johan, Dankers, Silke, Elbe, Anne-Marie Depression in Danish and Swedish elite football players and its relation to perfectionism and anxiety2018Article in journal
Stenling, Andreas, Ivarsson, Andreas, Guacciardi, Daniel, Lindwall, Magnus Exploring longitudinal measurement invariance and the continuum hypothesis in the Swedish version of the Behavioral Regulation in Sport Questionnaire (BRSQ) : An exploratory structural equation modeling approach2018Article in journal
Iddris, Faisal, Innovation Capability within a Supply Chain Context2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary
Melin, Karin, Skarphedinsson, Gudmundur, Skärsäter, Ingela, Storm Mowatt Haugland, Bente, Ivarsson, Tord A solid majority remit following evidence-based OCD treatments: a 3-year naturalistic outcome study in pediatric OCD2018Article in journal
Bramsved, Rebecka, Regber, Susann, Novak, Daniel, Mehlig, Kirsten, Lissner, Lauren, Mårild, Staffan Parental education and family income affect birthweight, early longitudinal growth and body mass index development differently2018Article in journal
Zhang, Ke, Mao, Yuming, Leng, Supeng, Maharjan, Sabita, Vinel, Alexey, Zhang, Yan Contract-theoretic Approach for Delay Constrained Offloading in Vehicular Edge Computing Networks2018Article in journal
Balador, Ali, Böhm, Annette, Uhlemann, Elisabeth, Calafate, Carlos T., Cano, Juan-Carlos A Reliable Token-Based MAC Protocol for Delay Sensitive Platooning Applications2015Conference paper
Karim, Sabrina Luthfa, Huang, Hanjun State Parenting Entrepreneurship - the Process of Seizing Opportunities - A Case of a Chinese Entrepreneur2013Conference paper
Zeng, Yingfu, Rose, Chad, Brauner, Paul, Taha, Walid, Masood, Jawad, Philippsen, Roland, O'Malley, Marcia, Cartwright, Robert Modeling Basic Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems, Part II (Extended Abstract)2014Conference paper
Inoue, Jun, Taha, Walid Reasoning about multi-stage programs2016Article in journal
Florén, Henrik, Frishammar, Johan Research Note : What is the ‘fuzzy front end’, why is it important, and how can it be managed?2013Chapter in book
Pensgaard, Anne Marte, Ivarsson, Andreas, Nilstad, Agnethe, Solstad, Bård, Steffen, Kathrin Psychosocial stress factors and their influence on acute and overuse injury risk in elite female football2018Article in journal
Nylandsted Jensen, Stine, Ivarsson, Andreas, Fallby, Johan, Elbe, Anne-Marie Gambling behaviours among Danish and Swedish elite football players2018Article in journal
Ingrell, Joakim, Johnson, Urban, Ivarsson, Andreas Developmental changes in burnout perceptions among student-athletes : An achievement goal perspective2018Article in journal
Clement, Damien, Ivarsson, Andreas, Tranaeus, Ulrika, Johnson, Urban, Stenling, Andreas Investigating the influence of intra-individual changes in perceived stress symptoms on injury risk in soccer2018Article in journal
Chhotray, Soma, Sivertsson, Olof, Tell, Joakim The Roles of Leadership, Vision, and Empowerment in Born Global Companies2017Article in journal
Björkén-Nyberg, Cecilia Vocalising motherhood : The metaphorical conceptualisation of voice in listener responses to Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train2018Article in journal
Marques Marinho, Marco Antonio, Array Processing Techniques for Direction of Arrival Estimation, Communications, and Localization in Vehicular and Wireless Sensor Networks2018Doctoral thesis, monograph
Lindgren, John, Diffusion of systemic innovations in the construction sector2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary
Lindgren, John, Widén, Kristian, Emmitt, Stephen Construction projects as mechanisms for knowledge integration : mechanisms and effects when diffusing a systemic innovationArticle in journal
Lindgren, John Exploring effects of the interplay of context, content and process for supplier innovation diffusionArticle in journal
Iddris, Faisal Survey of Innovation Capability in Public Sector2017Article in journal
Iddris, Faisal Digital Supply Chain : Systematic Review of the Literature2017Article, review/survey
Iddris, Faisal Innovation Capability and Product Innovation Performance : The case of low-tech manufacturing firms2016Article in journal
Green, Lelia, Pink, Sarah Using Digital Interventions to Engage in the Everyday2014Article in journal
Johannes, A., Noack, S., Paschoal Jr., Waldomiro, Kumar, Sandeep, Jacobsson, D., Pettersson, Håkan, Samuelson, L., Dick, K. A., Martinez-Criado, G., Burghammer, M., Ronning, C. Corrigendum : Enhanced sputtering and incorporation of Mn in implanted GaAs and ZnO nanowires (2014 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 47 394003)2015Article in journal
Rosén, Bengt Göran, Barth, Henrik FabLab Halmstad – a hub and pilot plant for academia2017Conference paper
Karlsson, Niklas, Hoveskog, Maya, Halila, Fawzi, Mattsson, Marie Early Phases of the Business Model Innovation Process for Sustainability : Addressing the Status Quo of a Swedish Biogas-Producing Farm Cooperative2018Article in journal
Boeira, Felipe, Barcellos, Marinho, Pignaton de Freitas, Edison, Vinel, Alexey, Asplund, Mikael On the impact of sybil attacks in cooperative driving scenarios2017Conference paper
Aldrin, Emilia, Mattfolk, Leila, Neumüller, Kristina, Nyström, Staffan, Vikstrand, Per Nordisk namnforskning 2016 : Sverige2017Article, review/survey
Aldrin, Emilia [Review of:] Guy Puzey and Laura Kostanski (eds), Names and Naming: People, places, perceptions and power, Multilingual Matters 163 (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2016). ISBN 978 1 783094 91 22016Article, book review
Karlsson, Staffan RightTimePlaceCare : Improving health service for European citizens with dementia2011Conference paper
Norell Pejner, Margaretha, Brobeck, Elisabeth Couples in Need of Home Care Services : Experiences With Support From Care Professionals2018Article in journal
Ebbesson, Esbjörn, Bergquist, Magnus Dancing in the Dark : Social Media Tactics in the News Industry2016Conference paper
Ebbesson, Esbjörn Fragmented Digital Infrastructures : The case of Social (News) Media2015Conference paper
Lyu, Xinchen, Tian, Hui, Jiang, Li, Vinel, Alexey, Maharjan, Sabita, Gjessing, Stein, Zhang, Yan Selective Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing for the Green Internet of Things2018Article in journal
Kennison, R., Lindwall Ehrnlund, Malin, Mitchell, M., Cimino, C., Benitez, A., Brown, C., Gibbons, L. Between and within person effects of physical and cognitive activity on cognition in four studies2012Article in journal
Rajendran, Rajapandiyan, De Jongh, Jan An Efficient and Reliable Multi-Hop Geographical Broadcast Protocol in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks2013Conference paper
Nordin, Leif, Rundquist, Jonas, Pemberthy-Gallo, Luz Stella University-Industry Interaction : An Experience at the University of Halmstad, Sweden2013Conference paper
Sundström, B., Wållberg-Jonsson, S., Cederholm, T., Johansson, Gunnar Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Composition in Plasma, Adipose Tissue and Diet among Patients with Ankylosing Spondylitis2010Article in journal
Cider, Asa, Mårtensson, Jan, Fridlund, Bengt, Strömberg, Anna, Pihl, Emma Response to 'Exercise programmes and quality of life in the elderly important facts'2012Article in journal
Rahman, Md. Mashiur, Pyaram, Yadagiri, Reza, S. M. Mohsin, Reza, S. M. Khaled Dynamic Range Input FFT Algorithm for Signal Processing in Parallel Processor Architecture2011Conference paper
Cregård, Anna, Sobis, Iwona Dissemination of Environmental Information and its Effects on Stakeholders’ Decision-Making : A Comparative Study between Swedish and Polish Municipalities2017Article in journal
Rodgers, Waymond, Söderbom, Arne, Reid, Graeme Enhancing Sustainability in Finance : Throughput Model focused decisions2014Conference paper
Cronquist, Björn, Johansson, Lars-Olof The CILO method : firm-supportive research approach enhancing enterprise performance2010Conference paper
Kjellman, Cecilia, Högdin, Sara, Tideman, Magnus, Wengelin, Åsa Everyday life for young adults with intellectual disabilities in public and private spaces2012Article in journal
Björkén-Nyberg, Cecilia Losing Oneself in Words : Finding Ourselves in Sound: The Halmstad Poetry Lab2017Conference paper
Björkén-Nyberg, Cecilia Empathetic Ears : The audiobook, aesthetics and affect2017Conference paper
Sollervall, Håkan From Euclid to Gps : Designing an Innovative Spatial Coordination Activity with Mobile Technologies2012Conference paper
Petersson, Johan, Riggberger, Kenneth, Brorsson, Sofia, Olsson, Charlotte M. Unilateral Strength Training With Maximal Velocity Improves Lower Body Power Outcome And Movement Velocity2012Article in journal
Allgayer, Rodrigo, Muller, Ivan, Pereira, Carlos, Cavalcante, Andre, Pignaton de Freitas, Edison, Larsson, Tony Analysis of distributed control system using remote method invocation in wireless network2011Conference paper
Hammarlund, Karl Gunnar Obituary : In memory of Martin Peterson, 1941-20152015Article in journal
Rundquist, Jonas, Hjort, Bengt Developing a Design Process for Mobile Applications for Logistics in the Construction Industry2015Conference paper
Ul-Abdin, Zain, Shafique, Muhammad, Qadir, Muhammad Abdul Evaluating Video Codecs for Telemedicine Under Very-Low Bitrates2015Conference paper
Girs, Svetlana, Willig, Andreas, Uhlemann, Elisabeth, Björkman, Mats Scheduling Transmissions in Industrial Networks Using Source Relaying and Packet Aggregation2015Conference paper
Chen, Lei, Habibovic, Azra, Englund, Cristofer, Voronov, Alexey, Walter, Anders Lindgren Coordinating dangerous goods vehicles : C-ITS applications for safe road tunnels2015Conference paper
Ashfaq, Awais, Adler, Jonas A modified fuzzy C means algorithm for shading correction in craniofacial CBCT images2017Conference paper
Bengtsson, Hoai, Chen, Lei, Voronov, Alexey, Englund, Cristofer Interaction Protocol for Highway Platoon Merge2015Conference paper
Voronov, Alexey, Englund, Cristofer, Bengtsson, Hoai, Chen, Lei, Ploeg, Jeroen, De Jongh, Jan, Van de Sluis, Jacco Interactive test tool for interoperable C-ITS development2015Conference paper
Ali, Lilas, Skärsäter, Ingela eHälsa2017Chapter in book
Ali, Lilas, Skärsäter, Ingela Att använda internet vid datainsamling2017Chapter in book
Tahir, Madiha, Ul-Abdin, Zain, Qadir, Muhammad Abdul Enhancing the HEVC Video Analyzer for Medical Diagnostic Videos2015Conference paper
Samarasinghe, Kerstin, Fridlund, Bengt, Arvidsson, Barbro Primary health care nurses' promotion of involuntary migrant families' health2010Article in journal
Svane, Torben E. Get your students to SMILE! Exploring emerging interaction technologies2013Conference paper
Johansson, Jörgen Samhällskunskap i den nya ämneslärarutbildningen - samhällskunskapens innehåll vid 14 lärosäten i Sverige2017Article in journal
Lin, Chao, He, Debiao, Kumar, Neeraj, Choo, Kim-Kwang Raymond, Vinel, Alexey, Huang, Xinyi Security and Privacy for the Internet of Drones : Challenges and Solutions2018Article in journal
Willander, Magnus, Pettersson, Håkan Preface2017Article in journal
Chan, Derwin K. C., Ivarsson, Andreas, Stenling, Andreas, Hagger, Martin S. Inter-Item Distance Changes the Predictive Power of Motivation on Health Behavior? : A Randomised Controlled Trial2016Article in journal
Nagy, Caroline, Fler bråk i matematikundervisningen : En aktionsforskningsstudie där lärare lär om progression2017Licentiate thesis, monograph
Sumartojo, Shanti, Pink, Sarah, Lupton, Deborah, LaBond, Christine Heyes The affective intensities of datafied space2016Article in journal
Lindholm, Annelie, Roswall, Josefine, Almqvist-Tangen, Gerd, Alm, Bernt, Dahlgren, Jovanna, Bergman, Stefan Changes in Waist-to-Height Ratio during Preschool Years Differ between Children being Obese or Overweight at Five Years of Age Compared with not Overweight Children2016Article in journal
Göransson, Patrik, Börjesson, Elinore, Wahlgren, Birgitta From Vision to Action - Innovation and Implementation of an Integrated Cancer Rehabilitation Within Clinical Practice2013Article in journal
Spinsante, Susanna, Angelici, Alberto, Lundström, Jens, Espinilla, Macarena, Cleland, Ian, Nugent, Christopher A Mobile Application for Easy Design and Testing of Algorithms to Monitor Physical Activity in the Workplace2016Article in journal
Alonso-Fernandez, Fernando, Bigun, Josef Periocular Biometrics : Databases, Algorithms and Directions2016Conference paper
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