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Payment and costs

Costs for printing / copying

Black and white/page
A4, simplex, SEK 1
A4, duplex, SEK 1.70
A3, simplex, SEK 1.50
A3, duplex, SEK 2.70

A4, simplex, SEK 5
A4, duplex, SEK 9.70
A3, simplex, SEK 8
A3, duplex, SEK 15.70

The charge, which is in force for both copying and printing, does not result in any profit for the University. 


You make credit card deposits to your printing account at Service Center or the University library. You can also make deposits via Swish when visiting the University library.

The charge for printing is made to your printing account which means that the payment is processed in advance.

When logged on to the printer, you see how much money you can use for printing.

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