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Doctoral Education in Innovation Sciences

Svante Andersson, Director

Innovation Science and postgraduate area includes research in the social and behavioral areas, technology and science with a common focus on innovation, its creation, emergence, commercialization and establishment in the market.

Innovations are shattering processes, sometimes even disruptive. Characteristic of doctoral education in innovation sciencesscience innovation is large empirical proximity, participation in international affairs and a close collaboration with researchers in various research projects involving graduate students and senior researchers work together throughout the graduate program. A more scientific dialogue therefore belong to everyday life for researchers and graduate students in the field.
More information about the field

Researchers in Innovation Sciences uses different perspectives, theoretical assumptions, models and methods of scientific knowledge.

The Research Environment Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Learning (CIEL) is conducting the doctoral education.

The doctoral program focuses on four key aspects of innovation process

  • The dynamics of innovation activities and opportunities for ideas to be able to assert itself on the market or among the users
  • Let empirical phenomena to guide the formulation of research questions, research, and methods in the implementation of the research
  • Take note of and build upon the successful training programs in the field of innovation which is already given at Halmstad University
  • Bond to the research in the area that is well established at the University and thus enable the development of more integrative understanding of innovation, product, service and business development for industry, academia and society more broadly.

The doctoral program in Innovation Sciences should be characterized by a strong connection to practice ie be empirically close. For every doctoral student shall be designed a structured training based on an individual study plan. Each individual doctoral student during his training stimulated and offered the opportunity for international exchange in the form of one or more shorter stays at a foreign university.

Study follow-up

The overall objective of monitoring and quality assurance of postgraduate education in innovation science is to create and maintain an internationally competitive doctoral degree in the subject, to thereby prepare graduate students for advanced tasks for research purposes in universities, public administration and the business community.

Updated 2018-08-17