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The Swedish Centre for Applied Cultural Analysis (SCACA)

The Swedish Centre for Applied Cultural Analysis (SCACA) is an innovative initiative supported by strategic funding from the Vice-Chancellor at Halmstad University. The purpose of the initiative is to spark and evoke a creative development of theory and practice through bringing together researchers within the social sciences and humanities and external stakeholders in collaborative and co-producing projects.

The overall aim with SCACA is to bring together scholars in social and cultural sciences in order to critically and constructively investigate, develop, define and advance new theoretical thinking, methodology and practical intervention techniques in applied social and cultural research.

SCACA is a collaborative project between Halmstad University, Lund University and RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. The work of the SCACA is rooted in the qualitative social sciences and humanities, has an interdisciplinary and external outlook and is develops applied research in dialogue with theoretical scholarship around themes of knowledge, improvisation, change and futures. SCACA members do this by advancing their expertise in the fields of digital and sensory research, and their relevance in everyday life, home, learning, leisure and work contexts. Their work is generative of innovative research methodologies in ethnography, arts and creative methods and intervention research. SCACA’s work is developed in collaboration both in Sweden and internationally with academic industry and other stakeholder partners and environments. SCACA seeks to make an impact in the world beyond academia through a constructive partnership model that takes both academic and non-academic values seriously.

Research Activities

Please send an email to Christopher Martin if you wish to be informed about upcoming SCACA research activities. You can also find more information at SCACA's Facebook pageexternal link. If you work at Halmstad University, you are welcome to join the SCACA group at Staffnetexternal link.

SCACA Members

Thomas O’Dell

Sarah Pink

Heather Horst
Associate professor

Robert Willim

Associate professor

Vaike Fors
Senior Lecturer

Anna Isaksson
Senior Lecturer

Christopher Martin
Doctoral candidate

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