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Research on Innovation in a Societal Perspective – RISP

The RISP group does research in two main pillars:

Innovations in social and political contexts

The first concerns issues on innovations in social and political contexts.

  • This implies that the group will draw attention to research problems concerning the prerequisites of innovations in its social, political and organizational contexts.

This applies to conditions that are linked to work life conditions, regional growth policies, urban planning, gender issues, learning issues, social trust and cultural conditions.

Social innovation and entrepreneurial relationships

The second pillar is to draw attention to social innovation and entrepreneurial relationships in and between public and private institutions.

  • The group has the ambition to bridge the gap between theoretical understanding/conceptualizations and the interests of practioners in real life of society. This regards studies and development of innovations linked to issues such as attractiveness and safety of housing environments, energy and environmental developments, public transports, health, integration etc.

The group will also draw attention to that social entrepreneurship involves even more than economic growth and commercialization of various products. Hence it is about how individuals driven by social commitment and thereby want to develop socially and ecologically sustainable innovations.

Researchers within social sciences

RISP is a multi-and interdisciplinary research group with a composition of researchers primarily within the social sciences. The group, which in the current position consists of 11 researchers, has its origin in political science, sociology, social and economic geography, education, architecture and construction. The researchers have in common that they have a long experience in research in the borderline between public and private sectors. Several researchers also have an explicit profile towards a practitioner-oriented, interactive and action-oriented research approach.

The group's researchers are also involved as teachers in a number of educational programs and courses at the university.

RISP is a research network including researchers from different research communities at Halmstad University.

Jörgen Johansson

Updated 2018-02-22