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Student License L4558-8685 at Halmstad University


This page only provides files for products covered by the site license of Mathematica at Halmstad University. There is no difference in functionality between this version and the one running at the University computer network other than the names "Mathematica for Students"/"Mathematica" and license numbers.

You may not use this Student Version for commercial purposes and when you leave Halmstad University you are kindly asked to remove it from your computer. You may only install this version on one computer.

Install Mathematica

Follow the step-by-step installation:

  1. The first time you need to create an account at the Wolfram User Portalexternal link. You need to use your Halmstad University e-mail address as your “Wolfram ID” in order to personalize your installation of Mathematica. Select a password of your choice - make sure not to use the same one as for your student account at the University! Press the "Create Account" button. Follow the instructions. You must verify your account through a link in an e-mail sent to you from Wolfram.
  2. Go to the Wolfram User Portalexternal link. Download the Mathematica media according to your computer platform.
  3. Run the installation media file.
  4. Copy and paste the activation keyexternal link into the installation request panel.
  5. You should now be up and running. Enjoy!

Your Mathematica will run until the license expiration date stated in the Wolfram User Portal. This coincides with the major date of contract renewal between Halmstad University and Wolfram Research. The contract is normally extended beyond that date, one year at a time. In that case, you need a new activation key. If not sent to you automatically by e-mail from Wolfram, you find yourself a new one as above.


Quick screencast to "Hands-on Start to Mathematica"external link. There are many more screencastsexternal link introducing basic or advanced usage of Mathematica. Don't forget to visit Mathematica for studentsexternal link and the homepageexternal link of Mathematica.

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