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In order to print or copy you need to:

  1. make a payment to your printing account
  2. log on to the printer

You have to pay for your printouts in advance.

Payments and costs

Costs for printing and copying


When you collect your printout from the printer you can choose to have your printout in colour (at a colour printer), simplex or duplex, stapled or punched.

Printing from a University computer

Select the printer called "Myprint"

Printing from your own device

If you want to print a file on your computer, phone or tablet - send an e-mail with the file as an attachment. Any ordinary file format is OK. Send the e-mail from your University email account, to

Add email address

If you want to email printouts from other email addresses you have to add them to the printing system. You can only do this from a University computer. Do like this:

1. Log on to link, opens in new window and select Identities on the left.

2. Select Add Identity

3. Type the email address you want to print from in Value.

4. Select Close Window!

5. Log out from the printing system by closing the web browser.

6. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you named.

Printing from a USB stick

If you want to print a file directly from a USB stick, go to the printer, log on, insert the USB stick and print. The file must be in pdf, tiff or jpg format.

Printing on OH film

If you want to do printouts on OH film, please make sure that you use the right type of film (eg Folex X19). OH film intended for pens or inkjet printers seriously damages the printer; such film cannot withstand the high temperatures of the printing process and is liable to melt.

Here are the printers

M Building (Library): 1st floor (one colour, two black-and-white)

Q Building: 3rd floor, outside of Q305 (black-and-white)

R Building (Dormer): 3rd floor, R3335 (black-and-white)

T Building: 2nd floor, outside of T236 (black-and-white)

Log on to the printer



Fault notification 

Notification of faults can be made via the helpdesk self serviceexternal link. Select "Help from technical staff" and then "Teknisk service".

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