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Large size printouts

You can get help with large size printouts at the Counter at the Caretakers' office.

Ordering information for posters etc

Paper: 200 grams semi-gloss photo paper

Size: 50x70 cm or 70x100 cm

Basic data: pdf file only

Document size (of the pdf):

Resolution of pixel graphics:

50 x 70 cm

150 dpi*

70 x 100 cm

150 dpi*


*On the computer, you can zoom in to 400 % and get an approximate value of the printed result. If a mock printout in colour on an A4 paper looks good at arm's length, it will look quite good in 70 x 100 cm viewed on a wall.

Create pdf

Choose File/Print or File/Export – and thereafter Adobe PDF (or similar).
Then choose the pre setting “High Quality Print”, and change within this setting, under “Compression” or “Images”, to “Downsample pictures –150 dpi”.
One pdf file for a poster of 70x100 cm normally “weighs” 1–4 Mb.

Delivery time: Six working days, or as agreed


Student (study related material): Pdf (on USB stick) is handed in and paid at the counter at the caretaker's office.
Delivery: Pick up at the counter.
Student price: 50x70 cm 140:- each, 70x100 cm 200:- each

Student poster paid by the University: Printouts of student posters preordered by teachers – the file can be sent via email to (include teacher reference).

Updated 2018-09-04