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Equal opportunities and diversity

Halmstad University is a university that actively works for equal opportunities and diversity. This work is founded on democratic values and human rights. Both staff and students at the University should have the same rights and opportunities for working, studying and personal development regardless of gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or handicap/ disability.

Halmstad University's foundation stone is that staff and students' various backgrounds, knowledge and experience make up quality-enhancing factors which both influence and enrich the development of knowledge in society. Equal opportunities and diversity work should permeate all business activity at the University and all forms of discrimination and harassment are therefore unacceptable.

Equal opportunities involve equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for all genders to be able to work, study and develop their skills and expertise at all levels within the University. Halmstad University has formulated its own quantitative and qualitative goals based on equal opportunities.

By quantitative equality, it is meant that particular weight is put on the achievement of equal numbers of men and women on courses, filling job positions and participation on committees.

By qualitative equality it is meant that both women's and men's knowledge, experience and values should be equally valued. Women and men should have the same influence over teaching, research and additionally study and working conditions. The goal is also to strive for increased knowledge and awareness of equality among students and staff.

Widened recruitment

By diversity it is meant that colleagues and students at Halmstad University should as far as possible reflect the wider population as a whole. Within the University´s framework for business activity, a goal-directed initiative should be launched to promote the equal rights of both staff and students and equal treatment regardless of ethnic background, religion or other belief system, handicap or disability or sexual orientation.

This involves principally a widened recruitment of students and staff with a foreign background together with striving towards increasing the proportion of students with a background from less advantaged home study environments.

At Halmstad University this has meant an active diversification initiative to maintain and increase accessibility for staff, students and applicants with functional disabilities. All staff and students should be able to participate in the University's day-to-day activities and information on the same conditions.

Equal opportunities and diversity council

There is an advisory board for equality and diversity issues at the University which acts as an advisory body to the Vice-Chancellor. The board is responsible for working out proposals for policy together with plans for the implementation of measures and action within the area. The board has the responsibility to stimulate the development within the area of equal opportunity and seeks to maintain an overview of this type of development within the University. The board should scrutinise equality and diversity work to make sure that it is in accordance with the relevant acts, statutes, policy and the plans of action concerned.

Two coordinators are connected with the board: the coordinator for equality and diversity for staff and learning together with the coordinator for equality and diversity for students.

Every year the University adopts additionally plans for equal opportunities for students. These plans contain concrete measures which can be implemented so that the University can fulfil the requirements as set out in the acts and statutes together with the requirements which the University has itself set up.

Central regulations

Discrimination Actexternal link

Local regulations

Action plan for equal opportunities 2016external link, opens in new window (in Swedish)
Policy for equal opportunities 2016–2018 external link, opens in new window(in Swedish)

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