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Study breaks / interruptions of studies

Deferment of studies

In accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 7external link, paragraph 33, students who has been admitted to either basic [1] or advanced level [2] studies can in certain cases be granted deferment from beginning their studies. Reasons for the granting of deferment can be social, medical or other specific circumstances such as care of sick children, military or community service, student union duties or postponed leave in accordance with the Act (1974:981) on the Right of Employees to Educational Leave. Reasons should relate specifically to applicants themselves and should be of a nature that the applicant has no control herself / himself over the circumstances involved. These circumstances should, apart from the circumstances governing military service, have arisen after the date of registration or if they have arisen previously should be of such a nature that the applicant could not have foreseen / realised their effect as an obstacle to the beginning of studies.

Applicants applying for deferment due to military service and who have received their call-up papers before the end of the registration period should request the granting of deferment at the same time that the application for admittance to higher education has been made. Decisions are notified via the National Agency for Services to Universities and University Colleges (Swedish abbreviation VHS). Applicants requesting the granting of deferment for other reasons should send their applications to the student admissions department at Halmstad University.

Study deferments can be granted for periods of one year. A decision on the granting of deferment must be made in line with the conditions relating to the application prior to the date of commencement of studies (HSVFS 1999:1).

A deferment will not be granted for persons who have been offered places on the local reserve admissions list.

Study deferment for single subject courses are normally not granted.

Decisions to turn down / reject an applicant´s request for deferment can be appealed against via the Appeals Committee at the University.

[1] Bologna first cycle, undergraduate level
[2] Bologna second and third cycles, postgraduate masters and research levels.

Study breaks

Study breaks involve the interruption to studies which have been reported in advance to the University by the student. If the student is judged to have particular reasons for continuing studies after the break, the University should decide to grant a place guarantee for a certain term following the study break. Specific reasons for the continuation of studies after the study break can be social, medical or other special circumstances such as the care of sick children, military or community service or student union work which affects the student´s possibilities to fulfil study requirements for the degree programme within a normal time span for the programme.

Prior to a study break, the application must be made using a specific application form which can be obtained from each respective school and the Student Affairs Department, at the earliest three weeks after the course has started. Before the University can approve a decision on the granting of a study break, the student must have a spoken to a student counsellor and / or the director of studies for the programme concerned. If no application for a study break is made and no registration has been made the following term, the study break will be regarded as an interruption in the course of study. Students who have not been assessed as having special reasons may return to the course if there are sufficient places available. The place guarantee for return at a certain time point can be stated in conjunction with the application for a study break. For further information contact the school concerned.

Study interruptions

Applications for study breaks should be made using a special application form which can be obtained from each school and from the Student Affairs Department. Those who have interrupted their studies may return to their studies only where there are places available.

Central regulations

Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 7external link
Directives from the National Agency for Higher Education on the deferment of studies for admitted students and regulations relating to study breaks.
HSVFS 1999:1, latest revision July 2007.


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