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Course Evaluations

It is of great importance for Halmstad University and our quality work that the courses given at the University are evaluated by our students. All courses are evaluated by the same procedure, based on guidelines from The Research and Education Board.

From 2018 and onwards, we are using the course ambassador model in the quality control system of Halmstad University. This new model will be used for all course evaluations and aims to strengthen the student’s engagement throughout the courses and in the evaluation process.

The Course Ambassador Model – step by step

1. The start of the course – previous course evaluation is presented and new ambassadors are selected.

By the start of each course, the teacher presents the previous evaluation of the course. Both positive and negative feedback is highlighted and the teacher should clearly explain which actions has been taken based on this information and why. 2–4 students are selected as course ambassadors for the course.

2. Presentation and planning meeting

At this meeting, teachers and course ambassadors thoroughly discuss the structure of the course evaluations, how the model works and teacher collects feedback that might have been given by the students. It is of great importance that the students understand that Halmstad University is interested in their opinion and that it is an important tool to further develop the quality of the education.

3. Half time meeting

Half way into the course, teachers and ambassadors meet to discuss questions that has been raised during the first part of the course. Together they decide if any actions need to be taken directly or if it can wait until the next time the course is running.

4. The Course Evaluation is sent out

At Halmstad University we are using a digital course evaluation tool. All Course evaluations are anonymous and does not affect the student’s grades. A link to the course evaluation form is sent to the students during the last week of the course. The students have 10 days to submit the evaluation form. The examiner can influence when the evaluation should be sent out by discussing the timelines during the half time meeting.

5. Final meeting

When the examiner has received the results from the Course evaluation, the examiner and course ambassadors meet to discuss the results and what the teacher can and will change in accordance to this. During the final meeting the examiner and the course ambassadors write down comments to the course evaluation report with the examiner will post within the course platform in the learning platform Blackboard.

Updated 2018-09-12