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Student influence and representation

Quality assurance work

Students should have the right in law to exercise influence over their education. Students' experience and viewpoints should be incorporated into all course developmental work. Quality assurance work should be seen therefore as a common matter of concern for both the university and students. The universities should strive towards encouraging students to play an active role in the work of further developing courses.

Course Evaluations

In the Higher Education Ordinance there are regulations relating to course evaluation – namely that course evaluations should be compiled and the results passed on to the students. The University has also adopted local regulations for course evaluations.

Student representatives

The rules for student representatives concern partly the students' rights to appoint representatives to decision-making and advisory bodies at the University, partly regulations with regards to the total number of representatives appointed to certain bodies. Students have the right to appoint at least three representatives to the university board and to specific university bodies; the Education Committee, the board of the School of Teacher Education, the research committees together with two representatives to the Disciplinary Committee. Halmstad University also has also approved local regulations relating to the numbers of student representatives in other officially approved bodies within the University. The University has adopted a decision to pay a fee for student representatives participating in the work of  the University's officially approved bodies.

Student influence in the University's Annual Financial Report

In connection with the University's annual financial report, the student union at the University has the right to submit its views on the University's annual performance and development.


Updated 2018-03-05