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Examination service

Examination in December?

At, under Examination search, you can see which exam hall you will be in. (The registration closed on November 26.)

Examination in week 1 and 2, 2018

  • The registration is open: week 50–December 24
  • You register in Student Ladok.

Examination in week 3, 2018

  • The registration is open: December 28–January 10
  • You register in Student Ladok.

Learn how to register at

Examinations are tests which are usually organised at the end of a course. Exams are usually written but they can also be conducted as oral or practical tests.

You should be notified of the dates for the exams at the start of the course. Which examination form that applies to your course is given in the syllabus. You can find your examination weeks in the Academic yearPDF (pdf, 75.4 kB).

Always register for the exam

In order to take part in an exam you must:

  • Be registered or have had a registration for the course.
  • Be registered for the exam itself.
  • Bring a valid ID to the exam. The invigilators are obliged to check your ID.

If you have any questions, please contact Servicecenter.

I have not registered

If you have not registered in advance, you can write the exam provided that there are places available in the exam hall. You will also need a certificate of registration for the course. Note! You can not create a transcript of records between November 30 and December 10.

You will need to wait until the invigilator has started the exam for the registered students, provided that there are places available in the exam hall. Students with disabilities must (following a meeting with the University's disabled student officer) submit a special form two weeks prior to the exam date in order to receive assistance. The form should be sent to the Student Affairs. 

Important considerations for written exams

  • Make sure you arrive with plenty of time to spare.
  • Valid general ID must be shown.
  • It is not permitted to choose your seat yourself.
  • You are responsible for checking what aids are permitted in the exam room. Notes, tablets, mobile phones etcetera may not be taken to your allotted desk.
  • Any conversation between the candidates is not permitted.
  • The candidate may not leave the room until 40 minutes after the start of the exam at the earliest, even for visits to the bathroom.
  • Disabled students can be provided with specific assistance during the examination. A plan for assistance requirements should be made by the disabled student together with the university disabled student officer.


Students who fail in an examination are entitled to a re-take. Each ’regular’ examination includes the possibility of a further two re-take exam dates. If further dates are required, the student may be asked to sit the exam based on a new or amended syllabus from that of the original course. This regulation is in force regardless of whether the three exam dates have been used up or not. The lecturer responsible for the course has the right to organise an extra exam providing that there are specific reasons for it and the examiner approves it. If students fail twice in an examination for a course or part of a course, they have the right to change examiner.

Exam results and follow-up sessions

As a student, you have the right to an oral or written follow-up of the exam. The date/time for this follow-up session is notified at the latest when the exam results are notified. Candidates have the right to receive their exam scripts starting from the day of the grading approval and for a maximum of one year afterwards. After this, the School has no liabilities in terms of archiving exams. Once students have received their exam scripts back from the office they can no longer request the revision of the original corrections/marks.

More information

You can find more information in the local regulations for the conduct of examinations at Halmstad University. See related links, regulations for the conduct of examinations.

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