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Personal injury insurance for students

Students at state-run universities and university colleges are as of 1st of July 2000 insured through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency during the period of their daily studies and journeys from their homes / residential accommodation to the university / university college. The insurance scheme covers personal injuries through cases of accident together with certain cases of illness through contagious infection. Compensation is provided for in the case of medical treatment, medicines, physiotherapy, rehabilitative trips and other charges. The insured person can also receive compensation for the effects of burns, aches and pains. If the injury is lasting (eg in the case of medical invalidity etc) the insurance scheme provides compensation for loss of income, disability and harm together with costs and inconvenience in general.

The right to compensation ends (expires) three years after the day of the injury if the notification has not prior to this been received by the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency. Otherwise general regulations on expiry are in force.

An insured person's excess insurance in each case of accident / injury is SEK 500.

Notification of injury should be made using the application form designed for this purpose which can be obtained from the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency and also the website of the Student Affairs Department. The notification should be signed both by the insured (if possible) and also by a representative of the University. The University should through its signature partly confirm that the notification of injury has been made with respect to a person covered by the insurance scheme and also - if it is possible - that the injury occurred during school time or during a direct journey between home and the teaching / educational premises.

Halmstad University has also signed a collective insurance scheme for students travelling abroad, referred to as STUDENT UT in Swedish (STUDENT OUT). The insurance is free of charge for the student and is in force to cover courses abroad, covering students who have either been admitted to undergraduate and research programmes or who are studying or working on internships abroad in accordance with the exchange agreement between Halmstad University and the higher education institution abroad.

Halmstad University has also signed a collective insurance for foreign exchange students who have been admitted and who are undergoing higher education or PhD research training at our University, referred to as STUDENT IN.

Further information about these insurance schemes can be found on the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agencyexternal link website.

Student Insuranceexternal link

Updated 2017-10-04