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Conditions and Rules for Campus Card and Premises

NB! Use of your card and your PIN code is solely your responsibility.

The owner of the card agrees to the following:
(a) Observe and follow these general conditions
(b) Do not use the card in violation with current law
(c) Keep campus card and PIN code separate as well as making sure your PIN code is kept in a secure manner.
(d) Do not disclose the PIN code to any unauthorized person(s) or have your PIN code on any document held in conjunction with the campus card; as well as
(e) Immediately notify Helpdesk or visit the Service Center if your campus card is mislaid, or if your PIN code has fallen into the hands of any unauthorized person(s).

Terms and conditions

As a campus cardholder, you are obliged to do the following:
(a) Look after and keep your personal campus card in a safe place
(b) Immediately contact the Service Centre if your card is mislaid. In cases of mislaid cards (not wear and tear) a fee of 50 SEK will be charged.
(c) Do not lend your campus card to others. Students are required to return their expired card to the Service Centre while those from outside (i.e. neither students nor Halmstad University´s employees) need to return their expired campus card to the university's caretakers´ office (Q-building; ground floor) or at the Service Centre (Glass corridor; building A / B).
(d) Show, upon request, campus cards for security guards and / or other members of staff, as well as
(e) Follow Halmstad University´s rules regarding the use of premises. Infringement of these rules can imply that your card will be blocked by Campus Services.

There are access restrictions regarding Halmstad University’s premises.
The purpose of the campus card is to establish who has the right of access regarding Halmstad University´s premises. Therefore, the card must at all times be carried and be shown on request.
NB! The campus card cannot be used as identification outside premises of Halmstad University.

Rules concerning the premises of Halmstad University

(a) Students are allowed to be in Halmstad University´s premises between 06:00-24:00 every day of the week. However, access in to the buildings ends at 23:00.
(b) Both employees and those from outside wishing to use Halmstad University's premises may only do so after reservations have made in advance. Exemptions apply for students wishing to use places of study and recreation rooms.
(c) Existing evacuation and fire escapes must be respected and kept clear.
(d) Many of the university's premises and equipment are fitted with alarms. If an alarm goes off (e.g. due to smashed glass) those responsible are liable for damages unless a reasonable explanation exists.
(e) Study rooms, project rooms and other areas need to be kept and arranged neatly; allowing floors and work surfaces to be easily cleaned. Storage of personal belongings such as bikes or other bulky equipment is not allowed. Furthermore, pets are also not allowed on the premises.
(f) The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden on the university´s premises.
(g) Overnight stays in the university´s premises are prohibited.
(h) Sales of non-university material, as well as the handing out or promoting of brochures, free newspapers or suchlike within the University´s premises may only take place after special permission from Campus Services or the conference manager in connection with the held conference(s).

Smoking is neither allowed in the premises of Halmstad University nor directly adjacent to the entrances of the University.

Updated 2018-11-05