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Working environment

In accordance with Halmstad University's programme for systemic working environment initiatives, work environment questions should make up a natural part of the University's daily business. Working environment initiatives should be implemented in such a way that illness and cases of accident at work should be prevented and that participation and influence, personal development, work satisfaction and community spirit should be promoted.

The basis by which the University can maintain high quality in its daily business activities is the involvement of employees and students in the promotion of a working environment which is beneficial to all concerned and conducive to personal development.  Each employee and student at the University has a personal responsibility to ensure that the working climate at the work place is positive. A good working environment is important for everyone and it is the business of everyone concerned to follow the routines and instructions together with keeping an eye open for and immediately reporting possible risks and threats to a good working environment.

The working environment comprises everything which we are affected by at our place of work in terms of physical, psychological and social aspects such as the physical premises, equipment, technology available, work organization, cooperation and contacts with others etc. What this means in practice is that all decisions relating to daily business have some form of consequences for the working environment and that these aspects should be taken into consideration before each decision is made.

Creating a good working environment is something which is collectively of importance for management, employees and students all of whom have a responsibility to participate in the process. Working environment and safety initiatives should be implemented in accordance with parliamentary acts and statutes within the framework governing what is stated for the University´s policies, plans of action, guidelines and directives.

For students, the same rules governing working environments are in place as for employees. Students have the right to be kept informed with regards to current regulations in terms of physical and technological aspects of the working environment.

A work environment committee meets regularly at the University and acts as a drafting body as well as providing support in the work place in terms of creating a good working environment. The work environment committee is a consultative body and consists of representatives for the employer and employees as well as the students.

The employees' safety representative is the employees´ representative in work environment matters. There are no regulations in place stating that a safety representative should be appointed for students. A university should however ensure that students are given the opportunity to participate in work environment initiatives. Halmstad University puts great emphasis on cooperation with both employee organizations and the student union. Here, students have the right to appoint two representatives for the working environment committee and these representatives have also been called in for work environment inspection rounds.

Students who discover deficiencies in their working environment should first of all report this to the head of school in the school in which they are studying.

Alcohol and drugs

The point of departure with regards to alcohol and drugs is in accordance with the University´s programme for systemic work environment initiatives and that alcohol and drugs do not belong with work and studies. A employee or student who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the work place should always be refused entry to the premises. The Research and Education Board at the University has adopted a set of guidelines for students at Halmstad University with regards to drugs.


The University's working environment policy states that all employees and students should have the right to a clean and safe working environment and that working environment initiatives should be actively encouraged to prevent illnesses. Part of this policy is that the University's premises should be nonsmoking zones and that one should look towards reducing smoking as far as possible.

Central regulations

Work Environment Act external link


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