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Activation of access cards – when, where, how and why?

You need to do this once a week in order to pass through the doors in the N and T buildings where the lock has no key set.

Where do I activate my card?

Inside the main entrances to N building, T building and Visionen you find readers to update your access card.

The first time you activate your card you only need to hold your card against the reader. Hold the card against the left reader until the light turns green. Your card is now active!

Validate your card

Students need to validate their card every 7 days (once a week).

  1. Hold your card against the left part of the reader. When the key set lights up, enter your access card code.
  2. Hold your card against the left part of the reader. Keep the card there until the reader turns green. Your card is now active for 7 days!

Should the reader turn red, contact us by reporting a case to Helpdeskexternal link or visiting Service Center.

Why do you have to validate your card?

This is a security decision to make sure that misplaced access cards stop working when the validation period comes to an end. It is the access card code, the validation process, and the reporting of misplaced cards that ensure that unauthorized persons cannot access our locked premises. The access card is to be treated as a valuable document. It is, after all, a key that grants access to University premises.

Updated 2018-01-03