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Symposium with ethnographic research in focus

How can social and cultural scientific research be applied in the publi sector and industry? This question will be discussed during the international research symposium ”Ethnography and Its Audiences” at Halmstad University on October 14–15, 2015.

The symposium is organised by SCACA (The Swedish Centre for Applied Cultural Analysis), which is a resource centre for applied cultural and social analysis at the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.

– Through SCACA, we want to increase knowledge, curiosity and awareness of how ethnographic-oriented research can be used and developed in collaboration with external stakeholders, says Vaike Fors, one of the researchers involved in SCACA.

Making social scientific research in applied contexts visible

Together with guest professor Sarah Pink, Vaike Fors is in the middle of organising this autumn's impressive SCACA symposium. Among those attending are several major international scientists as well as interested stakeholders from both industry and the cultural sector.

– We have a lot of applied social and cultural research at Halmstad University, and by having a symposium we want to highlight how this kind of research can be carried out and what it can lead to, says Vaike Fors.

Seminar on digital qualitative methods

In addition to the symposium, there will be an international research seminar on digital qualitative methods on October 13. The seminar is about what the emergence of new digital technologies can bring to qualitatively oriented research – with its opportunities and challenges. The research seminar is organised by SCACA in collaboration with MI Lab (Man and Information technology laboratory) at the School of Information Technology.

The closing date for notifying attendence to both the symposium and the research seminar is October 8.

SCACA, Swedish Centre for Applied Cultural Analysis, is one of Halmstad Universities strategic investments, a project that will run for three years. SCACA conducts research and organises researc seminars, as well as distributing planning funds for major research applications. For more information concerning SCACA, please contact Vaike Fors or Martin Berg.

Vaike Fors, University senior lecturer in pedagogy, is one of the researchers within SCACA organising this autumn's research symposium. Photo: CHRISTEL LIND

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