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25 million SEK granted to Halmstad University for EU projects

Halmstad University has been granted more than 25 million SEK in EU funds for two development projects to be carried out in collaboration with Region Halland, the regional municipalities and industry. Furthermore, the University is collaborative partner in a development project at Region Halland, which has been granted 6.3 million SEK. The overall goal is to produce innovative and sustainable solutions to the major challenges that society is facing in the health and environment area through an increased connection to the University's research and education.

– I view these extensive EU funds that we have now received as a result of the University's conscious effort with some important themes that demand innovation and collaboration. That is how we must face complex societal challenges. It's an important commission for us, which means that we are not only developing society but are also given the opportunity to further profile Halmstad University. I am very proud of all the competent coworkers that have created these prerequisites, says Mikael Alexandersson, Vice-Chancellor of Halmstad University.

Demands sustainable solutions for the future

Society is facing great challenges, not least in the areas health and sustainable development. We live ever longer and therefore risk that more of the limited resources for healthcare and welfare must be taken up unless we find new innovative and sustainable solutions. It might be, for example, changed working methods, technical solutions or services that help the individual to manage his or her everyday life.

The challenges we face in the climate and environment areas also demand that we develop green innovations and a sustainable usage of earth, forest and water. We also need an economy that is adapted to a sustainable society.

Projects for healthcare, health innovation and green growth

The European Social Fund (ESF) has granted 14.9 million SEK for three years to the project ”HICube – competent healthcare”, which focuses on inventory of needs and different skill development efforts by managers and staff groups in healthcare and welfare.

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) has granted 10.6 million SEK for three years to the project ”HICube – need oriented health innovation arena”, which is to develop sustainable collaborative structures where prioritised needs and possible innovations can meet and be tested. The project builds on the work that is today carried out at the Centre for Health Technology at the University.

The term ”HICube” in both projects manifests that health innovations (”HI”) will be developed in collaboration between the projects and ”Cube” should be interpreted as the development work having several perspectives or dimensions, like a cube.

The ERUF has also granted 6.3 million SEK to Region Halland for three years for the project ”Arena for green growth”, where Halmstad University is one of four collaboration partners. The project will assemble financial, organisational and knowledge based resources to deliver new demanded products and services with a base in earth, forest and water.

– We are very happy that these important development projects have been approved. Halmstad University has a high competency in these areas and experience in need driven development processes. We now have the opportunity to develop both interdisciplinary solutions and the work models for these, in collaboration with the public sector and the industry, says Magnus Hållander, Anders Nelson and Henrik Barth, Deans of the University, and mainly responsible for the University's parts in the development projects.


Updated 2015-06-16