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Fire and evacuation

In the eventuality of a fire alarm, ALWAYS vacate the premises and proceed to the specified evacuation areas.

1. If you hear an alarm, immediately identify what kind of sound it is and where it's coming from. Fire alarms are bells that ring with a shrill, piercing sound.

2. Lecturing staff should gather students and immediately head to the designated evacuation area. Other staff at the University should also head to the designated evacuation area. WALK CALMLY – DO NOT RUN!
Evacuation plans are posted on all levels, at entrances, project rooms and restrooms around the University. On these evacuation plans, evacuation areas for the building you are in are also marked.

3. Remaining in the evacuation area and wait for confirmation that is is safe to re-enter the building. Notification that the danger has passed will be given by Campus Services or other designated person. This applies regardless if it's a drill or a real emergency.

Fire drills are held at regular intervals at Halmstad University.

The specified evacuation areas are marked with signs like the one in this photo.

Updated 2018-08-13