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Save lives — here are defibrillators at the University

There are four defibrillators on the University campus. They are placed so that they will always be close no matter where on campus you are.

They are located:

  • next to the spiral staircase between E1 and E2
  • in the glass corridor opposite restaurant Spiro i F Building.
  • on the entry level of I Building (Högskolehallen)
  • on the entry level of P Building
Karta över hjärtstartarnas placering på campus

Everyone can use the defibrillators

No specific training is needed since the defibrillator is self-instructing. It fits in a small bag and is educationally designed to minimise the risk of mistakes during handling. A voice in Swedish will explain how to use the machine.

Halmstad University should be a heart safe workplace. The chances of saving the life of someone with cardiac arrest are significantly improved if a defibrillator is nearby.  

Students are trained every year

Even if no training is necessary to handle a defibrillator, it's a good idea to take a course in CPR. Around 450 people at the University have CPR skills. Every year, 20–30 nursing students and another 60 students who are involved in Fresher's Week are trained. The University also holds training for members of staff. Contact the University HR Department if you are interested.

Updated 2018-05-25