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The operational management of the University is in the hands of the Board of Governors and the Vice-Chancellor.

The responsibilities of the Board are defined through the Higher Education Actexternal link and the Higher Education Ordinanceexternal link. The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the daily management of business under the auspices of the Board. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor is the Vice-Chancellor's deputy. The university chancellery is headed by the University Director/Registrar.
Teaching and research at Halmstad University are organised on the basis of five schools.
In addition there is the Department for External Relations which co-ordinates outreach and co-operative ventures. The Chancellery and University library are departments in their own right.

In addition to the University board there are three overarching collegial bodies:

  • the Education Committee which is responsible for and approves all decisions relating to undergraduate education and teaching
  • the Board of Teacher Education with overarching responsibility for teaching and research in the School of Teacher Education
  • the Faculty Board

These latter committees have the overall responsibility for the co-ordination of research and PhD research training together with advisory assistance and appointment of certain lecturer categories within their respective areas of jurisdiction.

Updated 2008-02-14