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Halmstad University has five schools

Halmstad University's extensive range of degree and single subject courses attracts students from all over Sweden and also from other countries, which is readily reflected in the profiles of students at the University. Education at Halmstad University is organised in five Schools:

School of Business and Engineering — SBE

SBE includes subject areas such as business studies and economics, engineering and the natural sciences. In addition to the development of individual disciplines within these academic areas, there are cooperative ventures over traditional subject boundaries both within undergraduate education and postgraduate research as well as cooperative initiatives in conjunction with the surrounding community.

Visiting address: P Building, 4th floor
Telephone: +46 35 16 71 00

School of Social and Health Sciences — HOS

HOS is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education, research and cooperative ventures within a large academic area covering the behavioural sciences, civics and nursing. HOS offers study programmes and courses in Work science, Sports science, Media and Communication studies, Sociology and Social development, Social Psychology, Nursing, Public Health Studies and Political science.

Visiting address: R Building, 3rd floor
Telephone: +46 35 16 71 00

School of Humanities — HUM

HUM is responsible for degree courses and research within modern languages, the arts and cultural studies.

The School of Humanities offers a wide variety of single subject courses such as religion, history, film studies, art, history of science and ideas and music studies. Several subjects are offered at advanced level (Bologna 2nd and 3rd cycles).

Visiting address: F Building, 2nd floor
Telephone: +46 35 16 71 00


School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering — IDE

IDE pursues degree education, research and cooperative ventures within computer engineering, computer science, computer communication, electronic engineering, image analysis, mecatronics, photonics, real-time systems, signal analysis, physics, intelligent systems, mathematics and informatics.

Visiting address: B Building, 2nd floor
Telephone: +46 35 16 71 00

School of Teacher Education — LUT

Teacher Education at Halmstad University is characterized by freedom of choice and an integrated approach to teaching practice periods in schools.

Research is aimed at creating the conditions for improved quality within the degree courses. Regional cooperation with local schools is extensive.

Visiting address: Q Building, 4th floor
Telephone: +46 35 16 71 00

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