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About this site

On the Halmstad University website you will find overarching information about the University and our degree courses, together with research and cooperative outreach initiatives involving the surrounding community. Search for information on courses of interest, read about how you go about applying to the University and see what our main areas of research are. Here you can also receive assistance in finding your way around!

The simplest way of finding your way around the website is to click to see what is behind the menu at the top of the start page.  You can also choose one of the portals intended for a more specific target audience in the vertical left-hand menu: "Registered student", Exchange student", or "International student".
"Halmstad University" is the start page. Here you can find a comprehensive overview of the website.
"Education" is the link to click on if you want to know more about the University's single subject courses, degree programmes and what regulations are in force governing studies in Halmstad.
"Research" is the link to click on if you want to find out about research being pursued at the University. Here you can find among other things information about the University's main research areas, research centres / groups and professors.
"External relations" contains information on the University's co-operative outreach initiatives – locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Here you can find information about specific co-operative ventures, training and expertise development programmes and partners who have entered into agreement with the University.
"Registered student" is for you as a 'regular' student of Halmstad University. Here you can find practical information concerning your course / programme and study situation.
"Exchange student" contains relevant information if you have begun to study as an exchange student (via LLP-Erasmus or other agreement etc) at the University.
"International student" is the link to click on if you have begun your studies at the University as an international student ie you have organised your studies in Sweden independently, outside an exchange agreement involving partner universities abroad.

Download files

The file formats listed below are the ones in use on the University website and cover software / computer programmes which you can download free of charge in order to read information on the website
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows, Mac and Linuxexternal link
Word viewer for Windowsexternal link
Excel viewer for Windowsexternal link
Powerpoint Viewer for Windowsexternal link

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