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Important preparations

– before coming to Halmstad

Many students worry about their financial situation, where to find a place to live, how to make friends and many more things. Don't worry, here you can find useful information to help you prepare for the adventure of coming to Halmstad.

Residence permit

Students from non EU and EEA countries require residence permits, these can be applied for at the Migration Board. If you are an EU or EEA citizen staying in Sweden for less than three months you do not need a residence permit.

Visa and residence permit

Insurance and medical care

Before arriving in Sweden, you need to ensure that you have adequate health insurance coverage. Students from non EU/EEA countries have to sign a private insurance that covers health care services and other medical expenses as well as theft, travel etc.

Health insurance for international students

Cost of living

The cost of living vary of course, depending on personal needs, but on this page you can find an estimate of what the minimal cost of living per month can be, for a student in Sweden.

Estimated cost of living


The number of available rooms and flats in Halmstad is very limited and the competition is extremely high. Therefor it is very important that you book accommodation in advance. Halmstad University's Student Union has quite a few different choices of accommodation to offer the international students.

Accommodation in Halmstad

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