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Documentation requirements

International students must send supporting documents directly to University Admissions, after submitting the online application.

If you have previously applied online, please see Applicants who have previously appliedexternal link

Halmstad University does not accept applications or any documents send directly to the university by post or email.

For Basic level studies:

Records of completed upper-secondary education: Your upper secondary education must be documented with certified copies of the diploma as well as a transcript of all subjects and grades.

Only final and officially issued documents are valid.

For Advanced level/Master studies:

Your application must be supported by the following documentation:

  • Certificates and diplomas from previous education at an internationally recognized university.
  • Transcripts of completed courses and grades for each semester (including course list).

Please note; If your degree was awarded in Cameroon, Canada, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, or the USA, your transcript of record must be sent directly from your university.

Proficiency in English

You are also required to present proof of proficiency in English through upper secondary (high school) studies, university studies, or an internationally recognized English test (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge).

Further details on English Language requirementsexternal link, opens in new window

Information on Exemptionsexternal link, opens in new window

Specific entry requirements

Most study programs and single subject courses have specific entry requirements. Check the course/program description(s) carefully for detailed information on entry requirements and documentation. Find your programexternal link

Information specific to your country

For some countries there may be Country specific requirementsexternal link, opens in new window

You also need to submit a copy of the page in your passport

with your personal data and photograph, or some other identification document. For more information, please see: EU/EEA students exempt from feeexternal link

How should I submit my documents?

In order for your documents to be accepted by University Admissions, it's important that you follow the instructions. Be sure to see 'Academic qualifications requirements for my country' to find out if you have special instructions, such as whether you can upload your documents or must send them in via regular post, and what types of qualifications are accepted.

Instructions on Documenting your eligibilityexternal link, opens in new window

Students in their final year

Halmstad University accepts applications from students who are registered for the last semester of their bachelor’s studies.

You must submit an official document stating that you are likely to be awarded the degree by the start of the programme. The document must be issued through and certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office or equivalent of the institution.

Bring or upload the original Bachelor degree and transcripts as well as the English translation. You need to present the original degree and transcripts to Halmstad University when you apply for the Master degree or we will not be able to issue the Master's degree.

Updated 2018-08-21