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Science without Borders Brazil – Halmstad
Ciências sem Fronteiras Brasil – Halmstad

Halmstad University – A Universidade de Halmstad

Halmstad University is one of the most popular universities in Sweden. The University is not only known for its progressive education and small classes, it also performs outstanding research that has been internationally acknowledged. Furthermore, the University is playing an increasingly important role for local companies and the region's development.

The University is young but has already acquired a tradition of interdisciplinary research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Halmstad University has recently been appointed as a Knowledge Foundation Research Centre by the Knowledge Foundation (a Swedish research financier for universities). This implies that the Foundation will become involved, on a long-term basis, in Halmstad University's profiling and research with a special emphasis on innovation. It creates a strong research enviroment for innovation-driven research in the three interlocking areas of strength: Innovation Science, Information Technology and Health and Lifestyle.

Since 2010, the University has the right to award doctorates in Information Technology and Innovation Science. The University currently has 16 full professors in subjects related to these two fields and more are being recruited. In November 2011 Edson Pignaton de Freitas from Brazil defended his doctoral dissertation and he is thereby the recipient of the first doctorate conferred entirely under the aegis of Halmstad University.

Halmstad University cooperation with Brazil

A atual cooperacão entre o Brasil e a Universidade de Halmstad

Halmstad University has an ongoing cooperation with Brazil, including teacher and student collaboration and exchange from various educational programs. Student and teacher exchange have contributed to a mutual exchange of knowledge and a deeper global awareness, which has enriched education at both Halmstad University and partners universities in Brazil.

We extend a warm welcome to all of you international students awaiting your studies here in one of Sweden's most beautiful towns and dynamic universities.


Read the own words of a Brazilian guest teacher, a research engineer and a former exchange student:

"Working at Halmstad University as a teacher for the International marketing program, is like experiencing different cultures without traveling around the world. I say it because in my last course, Business Culture, I had 110 students representing 22 different countries. Isn’t it beautiful?" – Venilton Reinert, Marketing Professor

"Experiencing new cultures, meeting different people, doing the unusual, and having the opportunity to grow, not just professionally but also as an individual, that is what I want in my life. Halmstad University has been supporting all of them. Since mid-2007, I’ve been dividing my time between doctoral studies at the School of Information Science, Computer and Electrical Engineering and researching engineering work at the Centre for Health Technology Halland. From my experience, Halmstad University provides the necessary resources to support those willing to grow and innovate. If you have the opportunity to study at Halmstad University, take it."Wagner Ourique de Morais, Doctorate

"If you decide on Halmstad University, you have made the right decision! You will have the same feelings that I had, of being part of something special. I really grew personally after being in Sweden. For sure I had the best 10 months of my life, I made new friends, tasted new things, met new cultures and places… it was simply amazing! JUST DO IT, enjoy this moment of your life, because you will never regret it!" – Priciely Ribeiro, former exchange student

Bem-vindos à Halmstad!

The town, the beaches, the friendly atmosphere – in Halmstad it is easy to feel at home. With a bicycle you can move around quickly and easily from the center of town to the surrounding woodlands, the sea and the University.

Down Town – a cidade

Besides plentiful shopping opportunities, the city centre offers a great variety of restaurants, night clubs, pubs, cafés and an abundance of entertainment and cultural life. Some of the regular cultural events in Halmstad include Halmstad's Arts Festival, the Film Week and the Boating Festival.

The Sea and the Beaches – o mar e as praias

Perhaps it is the smell of salt, the feeling of hot sand or the sight of the shimmering expanses of the sea that are some of the captivating features of Halmstad. You are always close to miles-long beautiful beaches, cliffs and charming harbours.

A Sporting Town – uma cidade esportiva

Anyone interested in sports can really have their share of all kinds of sports activities. If you want to work out, you either join the University Gym on Campus, or one of the many around the city. Apart from that, there are plenty of forests and green areas with jogging tracks, hiking and biking trails, as well as canoeing possibilities.

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