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Anagha Anand

Anagha Anand is 23 years old from India and is studying the Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation. She has previously studied a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in India.

What do you think Halmstad as a town has to offer students?

It is a calm environment for learning during weekdays and a fun place for relaxing during the weekend as the town becomes eventful. There are also several beaches close by when you want to de-stress yourself. Although it is a small place, there is a lot to explore which many people generally don’t do such as horse riding and kayaking which I discovered when exploring the city by bike. I really love playing basketball and reading. I think Sweden has a great platform for everything you want to do.

What are some of your positive experiences at Halmstad University?

Professionally, it has been meeting the companies, making products and models for them which was really fun as we worked in groups. The Professors’ teaching is really fabulous as well because they involve the students by taking feedback from us and sometimes we teach a part of the class which is so much fun as it gives you an open mind to learn. A huge difference is that in India, you have a Professor-student relationship and cannot really approach the Professor. You have to book appointments which are for studies only and no personal matters. However, the Professors here are like your friends as you can share anything with them and they do not judge you, but are open to receiving information and comments. It is really nice as we also are more open and friendly whilst learning from them.

Have you made any business contacts here and what are your career options?

I have made business contacts thanks to the University as we have been provided with opportunities to meet with companies where we connect with them on a professional level. Also, my Professor contacted students from a previous year to give us advice which was really nice. I want to have my own start-up here, Halmstad provides good opportunities as it has its own funding which some of my Professors are involved in as well. The career options available with my course are the best part of it because the field is unlimited. You have everything and anything you want to choose in the world because no matter which technical background you have, the management skills will help you cope with that and push you forward. No matter the dream, you can achieve it.

What advice would you give to students applying?

Students should explore when studying here because you hear that Halmstad is such a small town but there is so much more to it. I would advise people to not have expectations and simply enjoy your time here. If you have the courage to explore yourself or rediscover yourself, then come to Halmstad. The course I am studying helps you find who you are professionally and Sweden helps you find who you are personally. Go ahead and have the courage to discover yourself!

”I have made business contacts thanks to the University as we have been provided with opportunities to meet with companies.”

Anagha Anand, Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation

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