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Mingfang Xie

Mingfang Xie is 23 years old, from China and studying the Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation. Before coming here, she did her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in China.

What do you think about your education and the students at Halmstad University?

The education is very good and an important aspect of our studies is that we study cases together. I think that’s very good as we are a team of five to six people from different countries, with different perspectives, discussing the same case which results in broader understanding. A part of our studies is having workshops and visiting local companies where tasks are given to complete. One time it was to improve a product and present it to the managers who then gave us feedback, explained how they would sell it and discussed problem solutions. It was a very helpful experience considering it was my first time working at a real company and I was able to connect it with my studies. At first, I had trouble understanding everything during class and I was also studying by myself which made me realise that I needed to approach more people. So, I started going to class parties and talking to my classmates which led to an improvement in my studies and social life as we would help each other understand the English literature and lectures.

What do you think about people in Halmstad and what are your positive experiences?

I truly enjoy how free-spirited, easy-going people are and the outlook Swedish people have on life. A piece of advice my friend gave me which I try to embrace is “Just enjoy and have fun.” I feel that Swedes have huge respect towards others and themselves whilst being very trustful and helpful which I truly admire. I feel that I can be myself here, dress how I want, think how I want and do what I want. A positive aspect that I have noticed is that I have come to respect myself much more. Regarding positive experiences, I recently celebrated Walpurgis Night, with friends, where we saw the bonfire on Nissan whilst people were having barbeques alongside it which was a lot of fun. I have also been to Tylösand in Halmstad, Sweden’s most famous beach, and ate ice cream from the locals’ favourite ice cream shop which was very good. A tip to students is to come early since it is very popular.

What are your plans after finishing your studies here?

After graduating, I would like to travel in Europe and after that I want to work in China for about 1–2 years and then move back to Sweden because I really like the life here. As I have studied for about 18 years, I want a job with a good salary where I am able to support myself. Later, I would like to bring my parents here and teach them the Swedish way.

Do you have any advice for students applying to the University?

Regarding studies, you do not need to worry too much if you do not understand what the teacher is saying during class and a tip is to record the lectures as it will be much easier for you to study afterwards. Another tip is to be aware that being on time is important here and being early is positively viewed upon. Otherwise, I believe that if you really want to study abroad, every problem can be handled with motivation as the most important thing is having the desire to come here and study.

”If you really want to study abroad, every problem can be handled with motivation.”

Mingfang Xie, Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation

Updated 2018-01-16