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Rasmey Heang

Rasmey Heang is 24 years old, from Cambodia. He is studying the Master’s Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth with specialisation in Strategic Leadership and is a Swedish Institute Scholarship recipient. He has a Bachelor degree in Economics at the Royal University of Law and Economics in Cambodia.

What do you think about Halmstad University and its different units?

The University is rather small but the programme is very good and many of the teachers are very experienced so I learn a lot from them. I also like that students from all over the world study at Halmstad University as you can learn a lot from each other. Regarding the units, Service Center is very helpful so if you have any problems, go there and it will be solved. The Student Union helps you with things such as your accommodation. They organised my living arrangement close to campus so I get there in three to five minutes by bike which is nice. They also plan social activities in Sweden, especially in Halmstad, but also to other cities and countries such as Denmark, Gothenburg and Lapland. Besides that, I like going to the University library for studying since it has good computer access with high-speed Internet.

What do you think about Halmstad as a town?

Halmstad is a very nice town and is especially beautiful during spring. The town is very green – you can go take a walk or jog in a nearby forest and the town makes you feel close to nature. There is also the City Library which is very beautiful and is open longer than the University library. There are also several shops if you like shopping, but I really enjoy the nightlife in Halmstad such as the pubs and clubs which are very good.

What do you think about your education at Halmstad University?

My class is mostly made up of international students from many different countries around the world and Swedish students which is very good, considering that my major is leadership, as you learn to see from different perspectives. My teachers are very experienced and capable as they can give us firsthand experience which is really nice. They are very helpful so if you ever get stuck with your project work, simply ask them and they will help you. A difference I have noticed is that in my country, the teachers are very hard to reach whereas here they are very easy to get as well as keep in touch with which is great. I also think that many of the courses will help me later and can be applied practically, such as strategic management, strategic entrepreneurship as well as business development and these are very important in every field, not just mine.

Do you have any advice for students applying to the University?

Come to Halmstad because, even if the University is young, it is considered to be one of the most innovative ones and the town is very beautiful and you can reach everything in about 10 minutes, even by walking. And a special thing about Halmstad University is that it is close to the beach. So, if you like the beach, come to Halmstad University!

”Be aware of the academic quarter – if it says your class starts at 9 o’clock, it is actually 9.15!”

Rasmey Heang, Master’s Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth with specialisation in Strategic Leadership

Updated 2018-01-03