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Xoan Vu-Thi

Xoan Vu-Thi is 29 years old, from Vietnam, studying the Master’s Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth with specialisation in Strategic Leadership and is a Halmstad University Scholarship recipient. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English and International Trade in the National University of Vietnam.

What do you think about your education at Halmstad University?

I chose Halmstad University due to its well-known innovation and the teaching is very good. We have a lot of activities in the courses such as case studies, project groups, simulations, writing scientific articles and visiting companies where we talk to the CEOs and senior managers. The teachers are very proactive, flexible and always encourage us to speak our mind, and share our ideas which helps us develop our critical and creative thinking. They are up to date and have good command of the knowledge within the field that we are studying which I really appreciate. The courses are very flexibly organised as some classes are optional and we can discuss amongst ourselves when to meet and work during group assignments. The teachers also try to help us find a balance between the studies and daily life as we are international students. When we have a school trip, they try to arrange the classes so that as many students as possible can join.

What have you learned at Halmstad University?

One of the most important things I have learned is how to build my entrepreneurial thinking which will help me deal with the uncertainty and changes of today’s business world. As my specialty is leadership, I think it will also assist me when thinking of new ways of bringing people together and solving conflicts. Also, the simulations are really nice and we had one for project management where we learned how to manage time, people and resources and how to run a project and apply the theories to a real case. This sort of diversity in learning is very good. Regarding the theory, our teachers ask us to re-read it again at home and prepare some interesting or challenging points, what we have learned and then discuss it with our peers in class. From this, we can learn from our different perspectives which helps us develop our critical thinking and get an overview. I really treasure this from the programme and it really differs from the education in my country.

What positive experiences have you had in Halmstad?

I think the culture in Sweden is really interesting and I have attended a lot of festivals in order to experience it, such as Lucia. I also did the Fresher’s Week at the beginning of the semester which was an amazing and fun experience. I learned a lot, got to know new people and cultures as well as ate good food and I would recommend other students to participate. Also, Swedish people are nice and very helpful. One example is when I went to Copenhagen airport for a trip to Germany and there were some technical problems with my train so I almost missed my flight. Everyone helped me by calling their friends to help and even offered me a place to stay. Eventually a lady and I decided to share a taxi and even though I had no money she trusted me to pay her back. It was really amazing, we also stayed in contact and I made my flight.

Do you have any advice for future students?

My advice is to really go for what you want to do and not because it sounds interesting. Also, think about other aspects such as the living conditions and how it would affect you. I think Halmstad is a good place for both calm and active, outgoing people because you get the positive points of being in another place and get to discover other sides of yourself. When choosing my place of studies, I looked into factors besides the education, such as the city itself, the people there and the feeling of home, as I would be living there for two years. That’s how I came to choose Halmstad University.

”The teachers are very proactive, flexible and always encourage us to speak our mind, and share our ideas.”

Xoan Vu-Thi, Master’s Programme in Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Growth

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