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Yutong Zhang

Yutong Zhang is 23 years old from China. She is studying the Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation and is a Halmstad University Scholarship recipient. Yutong Zhang has previously studied a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics in China.

How does your education at Halmstad University differ from your education in China?

In China, we do not have as many group discussions as we have here. I prefer to have them because they are more educational since we learn a lot about the other students’ way of thinking which leads to a broader understanding. Also, students here are given more room for individual thinking which is good as you understand things more deeply whilst in China the teachers simply ask questions such as “What is the result of this?”. I really like how we first gain the knowledge and discuss it during classes and then get to apply it to real-life situations. There are also talks that we attend where the companies introduces themselves, give us knowledge relevant to our course and the help they can offer us.

What do you think about Halmstad and how do you spend your spare time?

The weather is really good as the winter is not too cold and the summer is perfect. Many people want to come here, even Swedish people, and you spend time with your friends at the beaches which is really nice. The nature is really good too and the people are very friendly. The location is very good as well as it is near the big cities such as Malmö, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. In my spare time, I really like going shopping, hanging out with friends, eating good food and going to parties.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to find a job in Sweden and in the future, when I have enough money, I want to open up a shop filled with small but interesting things which I will have imported from China. Because my programme relates to business, I learn about strategies which will help me when I open my shop. Originally, I did not plan to stay here but after having started the programme I learned about the culture and life here. It took time to adapt, but when I had I felt that I truly enjoy life in Halmstad.

Do you have any advice for students applying to the University?

My advice, especially to Chinese students as they are shy in the beginning, is to not think negatively, such as your English is bad or that they will not understand you which does not matter as they do not mind and will help you. It is a new environment, new people, new life and new language and it can be difficult but the students here are very helpful. Also, before you come here, you should think clearly about what it is you want to study and then be confident and not give up.

”Originally, I did not plan to stay but after having started the programme I learned about the culture and life here. And now I feel that I truly enjoy life in Halmstad.”

Yutong Zhang, Master’s Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation.

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