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Quiz walk on campus

To be physically active, get away from just sitting down and get some fresh air are important things for everyones health. With those reasons in mind the Student Healthcare Center started their own quiz.

The quiz starts at Service center where information and the first question are located. Just follow the instructions and be on your way. The quiz and the walk takes about fifteen minutes to finish and it takes you around the campus, from Service center to the gym and to the library.

- It is a perfect way to finish off your lunch break. Eat your meal in peace and quiet, walk to Service center and start the quiz. You will be done before your next lecture in the afternoon, says Morgan Ljungkvist, health counsellor at the Student Healthcare center.

Every quiz goes on for two weeks and prizes will be drawn among the competitors. The quiz is available in both swedish and english because of our many international students.


- Gather your friends, take a walk together and compete against eachother. Enjoy eachothers company, get some fresh air between lectures and get some low intensity exercise, says Morgan Ljungkvist

Updated 2018-05-29