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University Friendship Organization (UFO)

Your chance to get to know people from all over the world in one place! UFO is a non-profit organisation at the Halmstad University Student Union and the aim is to help and support exchange and international students by arranging activities to make their stay in Sweden as good as possible.

The mission

The membership of the University Friendship Organization (UFO) comprises of more than 300 international students from over 30 different countries around the globe. The mission is to promote the International goodwill, understanding, friendship and to share different cultures for the cause of the cultural diversity within Halmstad University as well as Halmstad Community.

Arranges events

The UFO organise different activities and promote cultural exchange and understanding among students, staff, and faculty of all nations and members of the local community. UFO arranges events, happenings, parties, excursions and trips for international students and international students' mentor group. The mentor group consists of students at Halmstad University who have been, or want to become, exchange students and other students who are just interested in the international students.

Come together

UFO believes in the Unity and UFO's faith is in bringing all the international students from the entire Halmstad University, having different geographical boundaries with diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, on one platform to share problems and issues and deal with them together.

Get involved!

The UFO is open to all international students. International students automatically become members. You can be involved by being a board member, helping coordinate UFO events, or sharing your opinions with us.

Updated 2018-02-20