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When is my account removed?

Student accounts

Student accounts are removed when the students are no longer active. Since the account is needed for (re)examination and Ladok results there is a need for some latency.

Student accounts are removed when the student has not been registered in Ladok for one term. Students with registered interruption or registered studies abroad are normally not removed.

Before removal, students recieve an e-mail to their University e-mail address at least two weeks in advance during term time.

Project and group accounts

These are accounts for project work and research projects, as well as accounts connected to the student union.

These accounts, including their e-mail, are removed when the need should no longer exist. The account may be e-mailed, or teachers/project members contacted, before removal.

Information stored on file servers is saved for at least one year after the account is removed.

Updated 2018-02-06