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Cost of living

Living in Sweden requires a fairly stable financial situation. The climate and the standard of living in the Nordic countries are quite different from many other parts of the world and we advice all foreign students to be well prepared for what is to come, to make sure that you get the best out of your time here in Halmstad.

The cost of living varies of course, depending on personal needs, but below you can find an estimate of what the minimal cost of living per month can be, for a student in Sweden:

Estimated cost of living






Telephone, TV


Medical care, hygiene


Clothes, hobby, leisure


Course literature



SEK 8,000 *


*Please note that to be able to get a residence permit, you need to enclose proof of access to no less than SEK 8,190 /month, with the application.

Job opportunities

All students with a student residence permit/VISA are allowed to work in Sweden during the student residence permit period.

Many students would like to ease their financial situation while studying by taking a part-time job. This is an option that unfortunately is very limited. It is in general very difficult to find a job here if you don't speak Swedish.

Please don't count on being able to support yourself with odd jobs during your study period. You have to organise the finances before you come here. This is also required for you to be granted a residence permit.

Updated 2018-12-06