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local information – Halmstad: the Town with Three Hearts

The town, the beaches, the friendly atmosphere – it's easy to feel at home in Halmstad. Move around quickly and easily by bike from the centre of town to the surrounding woodlands, the sea and the University.

Three Hearts

The town of Halmstad's coat of arms has three crowned hearts. It's a ’likeable’ town where you'll soon feel at home. There's even a part of town called Kärleken, which means ’love’ in English. It's easy to be seduced by the charm of the town, the pleasant atmosphere and the expanses of the blue sea

Down Town

Apart from plentiful shopping opportunities, the town centre offers a great variety of restaurants, night clubs, pubs and cafés. The town's art galleries, museums and cultural organisations all contribute to the many ongoing activities. If you're interested in music, you have numerous occasions to enjoy a remarkable selection of concerts all year round. In 2006 a new town library opened in Halmstad. This eye-catching, centrally located building, reaches out over the waters of the river Nissan. The library has an extensive collection of literature, a café, a newspaper reading room, art exhibitions and offers entertainment in the form of theatre and music.

However, even if Halmstad is a lively town with an abundance of entertainment and cultural life, you're never far from the sea or woodlands if you're looking for some peace and quiet.

The Sea and the Beaches

Perhaps it is the salty aroma, the feeling of hot sand against the skin, or the sight of shimmering expanses of the sea that are some of the most captivating features of Halmstad. You're always close to miles-long beautiful beaches, cliffs and charming harbours. Halmstad is a town that is distinguished by its location on the west coast, and during summertime the beaches, golf courses, and the city are buzzing with activities as tourists and inhabitants are enjoying the sunny summer days and the long warm evenings.

A Sporting Town

Anyone interested in sports can really have their share of all kinds of sport activities, regardless if you want to exercise or just watch a game from the stands. Örjans Vall is the home ground of the Swedish football league club HBK. If you want to work out, you either join the University Gym on Campus, or one of the many gyms or sports clubs in the city that offer student discounts. The town is close to surfing and sailing waters and Halmstad is a mecca for golfers where eleven golf courses can be found in close proximity of the town. Both in Halmstad and the surrounding areas have plenty of forests and green areas with jogging tracks, hiking and biking trails, as well as canoeing possibilities.

Close to Big Cities

Halmstad is situated between the cities of Gothenburg and Malmö, right along the West Coast railway track and the E6 motorway, and there are plenty of buses and trains in either direction. Halmstad even has its own airport. If you want to travel to Gothenburg, it takes just over an hour and by train and just a little bit longer if you're heading to Malmö. Stay on the train for another half hour from Malmö and you reach Copenhagen, Denmark. If you want to a short vacation, you can easily take a day trip and experience Copenhagen.

A view of Halmstad from the recreational area at Galgberget.

The city library at night.

Halmstad is easy to get around with a bike.

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