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Deputy Vice-Cancellor: Collaboration, Innovation and Internationalisation

Anders Nelson holds the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor with specific responsibility för collaboration, internationalisation and innovation.

– I hope to be able to influence that the increasing extent and amount of research and education is run in close collaboration with the surrounding society and its citizens. I want to pursue processes to enhance the shared understanding of the role of knowledge for the development of the public sector and business; as well as for the individual's own development and the development of a democratic society. It is good for us, in a structured way, to link both our own and the outside world's view of our role in society, and on the needs and requirements a university should fulfill", says Anders Nelson.

The position as Deputy Vice-Chancellor is a three-year post and comprises of 60 percent of full-time. Nelson devotes the remaining 40 percent to research.

Anders Nelson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor with specific responsibility for collaboration, internationalisation and innovation. Photo: ANDERS ANDERSSON

Updated 2017-10-11