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University Director

University Director Catarina Coquand is the Head of the University Administrative Support at Halmstad University – all administration, support and service to the University's management, education and research.

All university-wide issues are also handled within the Administrative Support and anything to do with the University as a public authority. The University Administrative Support with its six departments is lead by University Director Catarina Coquand, who reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. Petter Schönborg is the Deputy Director.

Catarina Coquand took office as University Director on February 1, 2017, and came most recently from Malmö University and a position as Dean. She has a PhD in Computer Science from Gothenburg University in 1996 and has since worked in a number of positions within the academic world as lecturer and researcher, head of department, project manager and dean.

Catarina Coquand was born in 1962, and resides in Mölndal outside of Gothenburg.


Catarina Coquand

University Director Catarina Coquand. Photo: DAN BERGMARK

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