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Register in Sweden

Depending on the length of your stay in Sweden you will get a personal identity number or a coordination number from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Population register

If you have moved to Sweden from abroad and are planning to live here for one year or more you should normally be registered in the Swedish Population Register.The population register contains information about the people in Sweden and where in the country they reside. The Swedish Tax Agency is responsible for the population register. Many of your rights and obligations as a private individual depend on if and where you are registered. If you have been entered into the population register, you are for example entitled to social benefits and healthcare, you will be able to vote and pay taxes in the municipality where you live.

Personal identity number

When you plan to stay more than one year, you should register as a resident and you will receive a personal identity number. You should notify the Swedish Tax Agency of your move to Sweden as soon as possible through a visit at a service centre.

Read more about civic registration and what documents you should bring, at the Swedish Tax Agency.external link

Coordination number

If you plan to stay shorter than one year, you are not entitled to a personal identity number. Halmstad University can instead apply for a coordination number, which is an identification number for people who are not registered in Sweden. A coordination number is only assigned to you by a request from your employer. The Human Resource department at the university can request a coordination number for you.

Swedish identity card

The Swedish identity card is an approved form of identification within Sweden. You can use the ID card as proof of your age and identity at places such as the pharmacy, bank or in shops.You can apply for a Swedish identity card from the Swedish Tax Agency

Read more about how to apply for a Swedish identity card at Swedish Tax Agencyexternal link

Updated 2017-03-27