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One of the first things you need to arrange before moving to Sweden is a place to live. Since there is a big shortage of accommodation in Halmstad, it can be a challenge to find accommodation.

However there are several things you can do in order to be as prepared as possible. We have compiled a list of housing links and information about landlords and housing agencies that could be useful.

Halmstad University has no housing allocation for its employees. Therefore, we urge you to start the search for home through the regular housing market as soon as possible. We advise you to contact a landlord or a housing company to have your name placed on a waiting list. You can also ask your department whether they are able to help you in finding a place to live.

Because of the shortage of housing it is important not to be too choosy – all housing in Sweden is of a good standard. Once you have found a first place to live, you can continue searching for more ideal housing.

Rental contracts

There are two types of rental contracts: first-hand contracts and second-hand contracts.

First-hand contracts
A first-hand contract means that you sign a contract with a housing company and not with a private person, but above all it means that it is a simple contract between two parties (tenant and landlord). A first-hand contract is also a contract that you do not need to leave as long as you fulfil the criteria for having the contract. A first-hand contract usually requires several years in the housing queues.

Second-hand contracts
The term second-hand housing is currently used to describe three different types of living arrangements.

The main definition of second-hand housing is when a private person rents out his/her rented flat/room to another private person. This creates a binding contract (with or without an actual physical contract) between these persons, and thereafter the so-called Renting Law (Hyreslagen) applies.

Another form of second-hand housing is when a villa/flat owner rents out his/her home to a private person. This relationship is identical to the one above with the exception of rent. There are special rules that apply when you decide the amount of the rent in this situation.

The third type of second-hand housing is when a private person rents out a part of his/her flat to another person. In this case, you share your accommodation with the person that owns either the accommodation or the first-hand contract. As a live-in tenant, you are much more limited in your rights because in the eyes of the law, you are living in someone else’s home. Both parties in this contract are taking a chance and putting a lot on the line, because both risk losing their independence and freedom in their home.

It is important that you keep track of the laws that apply to your situation because there are big differences among the three different types of living.


Blocketexternal link is a popular Swedish website where people buy and sell a wide variety of things, including accommodation. On Blocket you have the option of creating a profile for yourself and stating what kind of housing you are looking for. In doing so, you may be contacted directly by someone who is interested in renting to you. Blocket is entirely in Swedish, but you can find advertisements for second-hand contracts that are written in English. To look for accommodations, choose Halmstad and then the category Bostad.


There are several groups on Facebook for those seeking an apartment or other accommodation in and around Halmstad. Try searching for "Lägenheter i Halmstad", "Lägenhet uthyres i Halmstad", "Hus uthyres i Halmstad", "Boende i Halmstad", "Bostad Halmstad" etc. 

Landlords/Housing companies

There are a number of landlords and housing companies in Halmstad. Unfortunately not all have websites in English, which makes searching for apartments from your home country a bit difficult. For this reason it is easier to start off by sending them an e-mail or call them. Most of these landlords are private and have different queue systems to allocate vacant apartments.

Temporary housing

If you are only going to stay in Halmstad for a shorter period of time or need a place to live while looking for a more long-term accommodation, a hostel, bed and breakfast or hotel might be of interest. Below you can find some suggestions of useful websites.

Household insurance

We also recommend you to arrange a household insurance. As a tenant, you must always have your own household insurance no matter whether you live in a rented home or if you buy a home.

Updated 2018-12-05