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Health Insurance and Medical Care

Health Insurance

Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan)
Swedish social insurance covers everyone who lives or works in Sweden. This insurance provides financial protection for families and children, for people with a disability caused by illness, as a result of a work, or injury. The Social Insurance Agency administers social insurance and ensures that you get the benefits and allowances you are entitled to.

To be covered by a social insurance benefit, you must, as a rule, either be resident in Sweden or be working here. If you work in Sweden, you are also insured for employment-based benefits.

EU/EEA citizens should bring the European Health Insurance Cardexternal link, issued by the social insurance office in your home country. The card states that you are entitled to health care on the same conditions and at the same price as permanent residents in Sweden.

Read more about the Swedish Social Insuranceexternal link

Read more about the European Health Insurance Cardexternal link

The health system in Sweden

The health system in Sweden is run by the state, which finances the bulk of health care costs. Patients pay a nominal fee for examinations and some tests. The state pays for approximately 85 percent of medical costs, and everyone who is properly registered in Sweden and has a Swedish personal identification number has normally access to this system. This means you pay subsidized prices up to a maximum amount, above which you are exempt from paying anything further. Healthcare for children is free.

Costs for healthcare

Staying one year or more in Sweden
Access to subsidized healthcare in Sweden is based on residency. A person usually becomes a resident if he or she is planning on staying in Sweden for more than one year. If you are planning on staying for one or more years, you should register at the Swedish Tax Agency and receive a personal identity number. This means that you are entitled to health and medical care on the same terms as Swedish citizens.

EU/EEA or Swiss citizens staying less than one year in Sweden
EU/EEA or Swiss citizens insured in another EU/EEA country planning on staying less than one year are entitled to necessary healthcare from the public healthcare in Sweden provided that they have:

  • A valid passport or national ID card (länk till info)
  • European Health Insurance card (länk till info or a provisional replacement certificate of the EHIC-card
  • a certificate to prove their right to care benefits in Sweden for people who are residents in another EU/EEA country or Switzerland. Please contact the Sweden Social Insurance Agencyexternal link to apply for a certificate

Nordic citizens
Nordic citizens receive subsidized medical care if they are able to present valid identification and an address in another Nordic country. Nordic citizens can find more information on the Nordic Social Insurance Portalexternal link.

Non-EU citizens staying less than one year in Sweden
If you plan to stay less than one year, you will not be able to register in Sweden and receive a personal identity number. The cost for medical care will be the actual, which is significantly higher than subsidized healthcare. Halmstad University has signed an insurance policy (GIF Insurance) for those who are not covered by the Swedish healthcare system.

University Health Insurance (GIF Insurance)

Halmstad University has signed an insurance policy (GIF Insurance) for those who are not covered by the Swedish healthcare system. The insurance covers necessary and reasonable costs for emergency medical and dental care. Accompanying family such as spouse, partner and children are also covered by the insurance. The insurance only covers emergency care and not regular health checks, vaccinations or prenatal care. Therefore, we recommend you to sign up for a complete health insurance before you travel to Sweden.

Medical care

Healthcare centres
The healthcare centre is usually the first place to go, unless you require immediate hospital care such as in emergencies or life-threatening conditions. Healthcare centres are open Monday–Friday. You can call them directly for advice or schedule an appointment. You usually have to make an appointment before you visit them. If you need medical care in evenings or weekends, you can go to the local emergency healthcare centre. In Halmstad, the emergency health care centre......

Heathcare advice 1177
The Healthcare Phone Line, dial 1177, offers health care advice twenty-four hours a day, all year round, across Sweden. It is available online and by phone. Advising nurses provide answers to your questions and/or recommendations on where to seek medical care. At the website 1177external link you can find information about healthcare, including general information on patient rights, advice on basic healthcare and help to find a healthcare clinic.

112 Emergency (Call 112)

Are you in an emergency situation, do you need immediate help? Is life, environment or property in danger?

112 is the emergency number that you can call from a landline or mobile phone anywhere in Sweden

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