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Study Abroad programmes

Study Abroad programmes are only applicable for students coming from a Halmstad University partner institution

Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering, Final Year , 60 credits

This education is open for students at partner universities to Halmstad University. It should be interesting for those who want to have a Swedish bachelor’s degree or those who want to prepare for a master’s programme in Computer Science or Engineering.

Halmstad University is a medium sized university with some 6000 students. It is a young university where many fields of study are offered. Every year several hundred students from around the world come to study at Halmstad University.

The thesis project is done in the second semester. You will then have the opportunity to work in industry or within one of the research groups at the university.

All courses are offered in English.

In Swedish: Teknologie kandidatexamen i Datateknik

In English: Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science and Engineering

Specific eligibility requirements
Admittance to the programme requires engagement in bachelor level education, and the student must be at a level where there is not needed more than one year of studies/ 60 ECTS credits to qualify for a degree.

The bachelor level studies must be in the Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering area.

Passed courses in mathematics must correspond to at least 30 credits or include calculus, linear algebra and transform methods.

Studies in other countries than Sweden must be at the same level as a Swedish Bachelor's education in Computer or Electrical Engineering.

Applicants must also have written and verbal command of the English language.

Selection rules and procedure
Available for exchange students. Limited numbers of seats.

The following courses are offered within the final year of studies. Courses of 60 credits should be chosen.

Autumn semester, first half:
Data Communication I, 7.5 credits
Algorithms and Data Structures, 7.5 credits

Autumn semester, second half:
Databases and Database Design, 7.5 credits
Computer Systems Engineering I

Spring semester, first half:
Computer Systems Engineering II, 7.5 credits

Spring semester, second half
Web Systems Fundamentals, 7.5 credits

Spring semester
Thesis, 15 credits

Further courses are offered in Mathematics, English and Swedish.

Subject to changes.

Other information
Programme director
Nicolina Månsson
Phone +46 35 16 74 87

Programme secretary
Eva Strid Andersson
Phone +46 35 16 72 29

Study counselling
Phone +46 35 16 71 00

Programme information

Rate of study:
Full time(100%)/daytime

Study period:
Autumn semester 2010

Last date for applying:
April 15, 2010

Application code:

Educational level:
Undergraduate education


Study programme:
Link to study programme (PDF)Study programme     

Further information:
Programme secretary
Eva Strid

Programme director
Nicolina Månsson

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