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Regulations for the awarding of scholarships

1 Background

As from the autumn semester 2011, Halmstad University will offer scholarships to students who are liable of payment according to the regulation of application and tuition fees at universities and higher education institutions (SFS 2010:543).

According to the regulation of scholarships for students liable of payment (SFS 2010:718) Halmstad University can grant scholarships to students who are 1) liable of payment, and to those 2) who cannot receive scholarships from scholarship programmes which is directed to the students from the countries Sweden have a long-term development collaboration. Halmstad University will give further instructions on the conditions required for the granting of scholarships.

2 Aims and Intentions

·         to strengthen the University’s profile

·         to strengthen the University’s internationalization.

·         to recruit as many motivated students to Halmstad University’s education programmes.

3. Scholarship Committee

So that the management of scholarships can give the opportunity for as many qualified students as possible to participate in the University’s education programmes, a scholarship committee is required. The committee has the task of compiling the criteria for the nomination and granting of scholarships. The committee will also give suggestions of instructions and regulations concerning scholarships at Halmstad University, and administrate and propose the Vice-Chancellor’s decision regarding current scholarships.

The board consists of representatives from the schools that offer education programmes available to paying students, plus representatives for admission with knowledge on assessment of qualifications for international students.

4. Timeline for application

The timeline for the managing of scholarships is determined by the application timeline that applies for the regular admission rounds in the admission system University Admissions, foremost the international admission rounds. These admission rounds are to be found at

If these dates happen to fall on a week-end or public holiday, then the date will be moved to the first available weekday.

5. Distribution of Scholarships

All programmes and courses at Halmstad University are qualified for the distribution of scholarships.

Information on the application process is sent directly to the qualified applicants. The application for scholarship is made online at our website and the applicant will receive information of the granted scholarship via email. Upon distribution, certain consideration is taken to:

·         The application should be done according to the regulations stated by Halmstad University.

·         The profile of the University and the need for qualified students within certain areas.

·         The number of students within the different areas the year the scholarships refer to.

·         The University’s available scholarship fund.

·         The attempt to attain an equal level of admitted with reference to country and gender.

6. The Scholarships’ Range

·         The scholarships cover part of the tuition fees and are deducted from semester fees.

·         Scholarships are not granted for travel- or living costs.

·         The final decision is made by the Vice-Chancellor after consultation with the chairman of the Scholarship Board.

7. Selection Criteria

Scholarships will, first of all, be awarded to the most qualified students. The University also strive to attain an equal level of admitted students with reference to country and gender. Special consideration is taken to:

·         The student’s academic performance

·         The University position on the international ranking lists.

·         Knowledge of language(s)

·         Scholarships will first of all be awarded to those who have Halmstad University as their first priority on the application and submitted the application on time.

8. Payment of Scholarships

Scholarships are received either in the form of total exemption of tuition fees or as reduced tuition fees.

The applicant will receive information of the granted scholarship via email. The recipient of the scholarship must accept the offered scholarship directly to Halmstad University and offered place at the university through www.universityadmissions.seexternal link.

9. Eligibility

Scholarships cannot be granted for students who are:

·         Citizens of the following countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, according to SFS 2010:543.

·         Have already lived in Sweden for two years or more previous to the scholarship period.

·         Have previously been awarded a scholarship for studies at Master’s level or for research at a Swedish university.

·         Already hold a Master’s degree from a Swedish university/university college.

·         Are currently enrolled in a study program on Master’s level at a Swedish university or university college.

10. Conditions and terms of scholarships managed by Halmstad University.

1.      The applicant is a citizen of a country outside EU/EES and required to pay tuition fees.

2.      Applicants must prove their nationality with a certified copy of the page in the passport with the personal data and photograph.

3.      Qualification requirements for the education programme are fulfilled.

4.      Applications are made at University Admissions. Documents of qualifications and recommendations for students applying must be submitted before the deadlines for submitting supporting documentation.

5.      Regarding the scholarships that extend for more than one year, the same criteria and rules apply from year 1 to year 2. Holders of scholarships, who do not fulfil the expected criteria for a continuation of studies for the following academic year, no longer hold the terms required for the awarded scholarship.

6.      The scholarship is only valid for the specific year and programme stated in the admission decision. The scholarship is no longer available for the students who have been granted approved leave from studies to continue their studies in the following academic year.

7.      The scholarship covers either the total or part of tuition fees. In cases where the scholarship only partly covers the tuition fees, the student must pay the required remaining amount before the expiry date of payment shown. Halmstad University will inform the applicant in what form this due payment is to be made.

8.      Halmstad University has the right to review future payments of granted scholarships. This can arise after disciplinary measures, intermission of studies or the non-payment of tuition fees.

9.      Applicants who have been granted a scholarship from Halmstad University, but have not been granted a residence permit, lose their scholarship.

10.  Students who no longer are required to pay tuition fees will not be granted a scholarship for the continuation of the education programmes that do not require tuition fees. The student must inform the University in writing if he/she is no longer required to pay tuition fees.

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