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International Department

The department has the principal tasks of
  • Providing support for the development of the University's overarching internationalisation strategy together with the drawing up of plans of action for internationalisation in agreement with the strategy.
  • Coordinating internationalisation within the University.
  • Coordinating and developing the information service to students and staff with regard to rules and routines for internationalisation within the higher education sector.
  • Coordinating external contacts with the internationalisation arena.
  • Providing support in international questions.
  • Supporting the accumulation of expertise and information relating to the internationalisation process.
  • Assuming responsibility for contacts with external public bodies and authorities for the administration of scholarships and studentships within the Erasmus-Socrates, Linnaeus-Palme, Nordplus and SIDA exchange programmes etc.
  • Providing internal support for agreements and coordination with regard to student and lecturer exchanges
  • Assuming responsibility for contacts with the student union dealing with questions such as exchange student reception and activities for foreign students, housing and accommodation issues etc
  • Developing and carrying out international activities for students travelling to and from foreign universities in cooperation with the student union and the student health and welfare centre.
  • Assuming responsibility for quality assurance issues within internationalisation with regard to the drawing up and updating of local regulations within the internationalisation domain, evaluations made by students, cataloguing and systematisation of information, surveillance of agreements and routines for updating agreements etc.
Updated 2008-01-23