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Halmstad Research School in Entrepreneurship - Health

A postgraduate school focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in the areas of health and wellbeing

The overriding purpose of the Halmstad ResearchSchool in Entrepreneurship — Health is to strengthen the theoretical and practical interaction between the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, health technology and wellbeing. The Research School aims at giving the participants a connective framework and theoretical understanding for innovation and entrepreneurship together with the expertise in developing ideas and commercial aspects into theory and practice.
The Research School in Entrepreneurship and Health was established at Halmstad Universityin 2006. In between 2006-2010 it was financed by the Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan Foundation and Halmstad University. Since 2011 the Research School belongs to the Centre of Well-being, Health and Sport Research located at the School of Social and Health Sciences. 

During 2006-2010 doctoral students at Halmstad University were enrolled at the Universities of Linköping, Örebro, Gothenburg, Karolinska Institutet, and Chalmers University of Technology (with a main- or co-supervisor from Halmstad University).  In the autumn of 2011 two PhD programs will be opened at Halmstad University in innovation sciences and information technology.
The Research School is multi-disciplinary and the doctoral students focus on different areas and topics (e.g. health technology, wellbeing, innovation management and entrepreneurship).  Students in the Research School aim to acquire expertise and knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurship, skills that can be used for the exploitation of research outside of the academic world.

Updated 2008-02-07